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Minorsan Self-Defense & Fitness, in Santa Cruz, CA, promotes an environment where building community is encouraged, and everyone feels safe and welcomed. Members receive instruction from knowledgeable and caring instructors.

Our community members value the services we provide. Our Martial Arts Program is our most powerful service, and yes, it is safe to train and workout at Minorsan, regardless of the class in which you participate. Opt-in for a FREE Class above.

Fitness Programs

fitness programs santa cruz

Ready for a change in your health and how you feel about your body? Tired of feeling sluggish? Discover a power-filled and fun way to move your body and get permanent results.

Martial Arts & Self Defense

Martial Arts & Self Defense Santa Cruz

Live your life with confidence and fearlessness. Martial arts with powerful leadership training, kick-butt combat skills, and a humble attitude. Learn to cultivate courage, love your life, and your power in it. 

Children's Programs

Children's Programs Santa Cruz

These classes will help your child to feel safe against bullies and predators, and gain outstanding confidence in her/himself, while learning success strategies and life skills necessary for becoming a leader in our community.

Other Services We Offer

  • Fitness Kickboxing (KickAeroBix™) ~ Move to music with this power-inducing workout on heavy bags
  • Tabata® Bootcamp ~ An 8-week transformation to a fit body
  • HIIT-Kick ~ Amp up your metabolism with this combo class of kickboxing and high-intensity interval training
  • Martial Arts (Adults & Children) ~ An elite program for 'bust out' confidence-boosting, becoming your own leader, knowing how self-defense works for your body type, and living your life in fearlessness thru cultivating courage


  • Community Self-Defense ~ You have choices and you have skills for staying safe…learn them and make them work for you
  • BodyPump® ~ A music-driven muscle-toning-strengthening workout for adults
  • Zumba® ~ A dance fitness workout for pure fun and energy burn for a feel-good day
  • Pilates ~ A mat class for strengthening core muscles, keeping your back safe, and working your body from the inside out
  • Yoga ~ Relax, stretch, and invigorate with this mind-body class

I joined MINORSAN last October after trying out many gyms/clubs. The team at Minorsan won me over! They are experts in the fields of Martial Arts, Dance, and Nutrition. What I love most about this studio however, is that the instructors don’t just work here because it is their “job”. 

~ Debby DeMartini

Why Choose Us

Gain the confidence to stand tall and defend yourself, to move like nobody’s watching, to strengthen your body, to start your weight loss, and to feel fantastic about who you are in this world.

All Programs and Classes are formulated to give you the best possible results for your body type and structure, and your goals.

Class times are convenient for most. We have been helping women, families, kids and men of all ages with Self Defense & Fitness in the Santa Cruz Community since 1985.

Our Fitness Classes are meant to self-regulate your power by giving you confidence that only comes from reaching your fitness goals and feeling great about who you are in this world.

Our Martial Arts and Self-Defense Programs also provide the added benefit of peace of mind—the peace of mind that comes from knowing and trusting in your ability to defend yourself, stand your ground and be heard, and peace of mind knowing your children are less vulnerable.

Our Children’s Programs are about getting your child strong and healthy… teaching your child success skills through the Martial Arts, along with powerful anti-bully training and leadership skills