Melissa Finsthwait

In earlier years I struggled for a very long time to find something that I not only enjoyed doing for fitness – but also motivated me enough to continually show up for. When I discovered MINORSAN and KickAerobix™ roughly 8 years ago, I knew I’d finally found it! In 2011 when Clara asked if anyone was interested in becoming a KickAerobix™ instructor, I knew I had to go for it.

I’m so motivated by the feeling KickAerobix™ gives me that I want to share it with as many others as possible. I felt teaching would only add to my ability to hopefully inspire and push others to reach their goals (while also genuinely enjoying their method of exercise as much as I do!).

I love seeing students new and old coming in and pushing themselves, telling me afterward how they feel empowered, more fit, healthier! When you come to my classes know that my goal is to help you reach yours, to push you out of your comfort zones, but also to keep it fun. If you leave with a smile and covered in sweat, I’ve done my job!

“Melissa is a die-hard KickAeroBix™ lover! I Iove that she is so dedicated to making her classes multi-level, doable for new and returning participants. Everyone loves how Melissa has grown into her teaching skills, and I do too! She gets people to move just a bit more than they thought they could and her focus is totally on all her participants. I also love that she is not afraid to take chances and try something new in class.”

~ Clara E Minor

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