Everybody has the ability to work and develop her/his body to whatever skill level they desire, be it learning to move to music for the first time, or learning powerful physical strategies for self-protection and safety. Each person is provided with options to any movement, according to their particular body structure and each person’s particular needs and current level of skill. Respect and safety for everyone are the highest priorities at MINORSAN. All participants are treated equally, and are expected to treat everyone else the same.

Self Defense - Santa Cruz, CA
Self Defense Minorsan - Santa Cruz, CA

Build your Confidence into a life of Fearlessness

Maintaining a well-balanced and positive atmosphere for working out, training, and learning, is a priority. Discrimination and/or disrespect, of any kind whatsoever, are not allowed. We strive to provide a safe, productive, and fun learning environment for everyone. By helping individuals to gain inner power, with the knowledge acquired through the various workouts and classes, they will feel better about who they are in this world as they gain more inner strength & power (self-confidence & esteem).

They will also get stronger, and much more knowledgeable about their options for staying as safe as possible, getting fit & healthy, and living a better-balanced life.

Change can only happen one person at a time, and it begins with you.

Self Defense Minorsan - Santa Cruz, CA

Children's Philosophy

Children at MINORSAN are treated with respect. They have yet to find their true inner power, devoid of outside negative influences (which can often destroy self-esteem and confidence), and treating them with respect helps tremendously in building their self-esteem. As the years go by, they will gain self-knowledge. Given this, we provide all children with the tools necessary to develop themselves into successful young persons, and continue on into adulthood with true life-success skills and strategies which cultivate leadership.

Child Learning Martial Arts - Santa Cruz, CA
Children Philosophy Minorsan - Santa Cruz, CA

All material is age-specific for the particular children in any group. Respect for everyone is a high priority, and this includes children. All participants are treated with an equal amount of respect and are expected to treat everyone else the same. All training methods are taught with their well-being a top priority. This includes emotional, as well as mental, and physical well-being. Our objective is to diminish fear, not create more. Discipline is taught as a personal responsibility, and they learn to be accountable to themselves, to their parents/caregivers, and to their teachers/instructors.

Children Philosophy Minorsan - Santa Cruz, CA

Leaders Learn Greatness... What is Your Child Learning?


By self-powering children with the knowledge acquired through training, they not only feel better about themselves as they gain inner strength & power, but they also get stronger, and become much more knowledgeable about their options for staying as safe as possible. They are learning to live a healthy, vibrant and productive life. This will give them the ability to contribute to the greater good of society, as its new leaders. 

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