Our Fitness Classes

Body Pump - Santa Cruz, CA


Get Some Serious Fat Burn, Tone Up, Strengthen Your Muscles, and Get Motivated by the Fast Results

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Fitness Kickboxing - Santa Cruz, CA

Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Santa Cruz for Power, Increased Energy and Weight Loss…

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Hiit Kick - Santa Cruz, CA


Are you looking for a new “boost” to Kick Up your workout routine?
Are you in a slump?

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Pilates - Santa Cruz, CA


Core Conditioning Pilates Mat Class Available on the Westside in Santa Cruz for Core Fitness, Strength, Longer-Leaner Muscles, Weight Loss, and a Safe Back

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Tabata Bootcamp - Santa Cruz, CA

Tabata Bootcamp

Feel good in your body and feel great about your body—with Tabata Healthy Weight Loss & Fitness Classes or Santa Cruz

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Yoga - Santa Cruz, CA


Looking for a stress-free way to build more strength, flexibility, and peace of mind? Do you wish to have more control of your body and your life? Are you ready to make a change?

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zumba - Santa Cruz, CA

STRONG by Zumba

STRONG by Zumba™ is the newest addition to the Zumba lineup of options. This is not a Dance Fitness is a FITNESS High-Intensity-Tempo-Training Class. Get ready for our Launch soon!

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Our Martial Art & Self Defense Class

Self Defense Class - Santa Cruz, CA

Self Defense Classes

Discover how you can quickly develop powerful self-defense strategies and skills for staying safe by learning Self-Defense Strategies & Skills in Santa Cruz.

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Martial Art Program - Santa Cruz, CA

Martial Arts Program

Martial Arts Santa Cruz - Adult Martial Arts, at MINORSAN will give you the ability to change your life in powerful ways and enable you to stand up tall

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Our Children's Program

Tiny Tots - Santa Cruz, CA

Tiny Tots

For our little ones, ages 4 - 7 years old, who need care and support in developing their confidence, and boosting self-esteem, getting their bodies to move, and understanding the responsibilities they have for their particular age group, this class is key to that development.

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Children Martial Arts - Santa Cruz, CA

Children's Martial Arts

How can your child learn leadership skills, anti-bully training, self-responsibility, respect for parents and teachers, and be safe when you are not around?

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