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Children's Self-Defense Workshops in Santa Cruz will be replacing our Children's Martial Arts Program.

Children's Programs are being replaced with Children's Self-Defense Workshops—Stay Tuned!

Tiny Tots - Santa Cruz, CA


For our little ones, ages 5 - 7 years old, who need care and support in developing their confidence, and boosting self-esteem, getting their bodies to move, and understanding the responsibilities they have for their particular age group, this class is key to that development.


Children Martial Arts - Santa Cruz, CA

Children's Martial Arts

How can your child learn leadership skills, anti-bully training, self-responsibility, respect for parents and teachers, and be safe when you are not around?

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Benefits of Our Children’s Training

  • Your child is treated with respect
  • Your child will learn skills appropriate for her/his age group
  • Your child’s skill level will increase, regardless of what they “know” or “don’t know”
  • Empowerment will feel very good to your child
  • She/he will be able to stand up to bullies Self-confidence will be the biggest benefit for most children
  • Your child will know how to be safe when you are not around
  • Your child will learn to respect you and all siblings
  • Your child will learn about the inappropriate behavior of others
  • This gift will last a lifetime

This Success-Based Training will Give Your Child Confidence for Success in Life’s Daily Challenges with Age-Appropriate Skills & Knowledge in our Children’s Martial Arts Training or the stand-alone Bully Breakers Training for special groups. The Bully Breakers Program is integrated into the Martial Arts Curriculum.

Positive Character Development and Powerful Self-Confidence Training will give you peace of mind, knowing your child can handle her/himself everyday at school, including bullies on the playground, and that your child will be learning Respect, Self-Discipline & Self-Control, for a successful life of making positive, proper, and smart choices, as her/his boundaries grow and expand.

Hello to All Moms, Dads and Caregivers~

It's been 36 years since the start of teaching Children how to empower themselves. It is time to phase in Children's Self-Defense Workshops and phase out the Martial Arts Program. A challenging decision...but a good one.

Workable safety solutions for your child will give you peace of mind

Our children face challenges on a daily basis, no matter how big or small. What is truly the most important thing in life you’d like for your child? Whatever that is for you, know that with an inner strength and physical know-how, your child will be able to conquer any challenge. You probably want many things for your child (or children) as we do for ours, and many of those involve achievement and success of some sort or another.

You love them dearly, and they are very precious to you. And we know you are concerned about many things, including their safety. And what about self-confidence? Doesn’t every parent want confident children—children who can hold their own and stand up to bullies… or a child who can speak up about an abusive adult?… or a child who can go up on stage and do an outstanding performance… or give a speech with self-confidence evident in her/his voice and mannerisms?… or get an A on the next report card?

You can send your child out into the world armed with skills necessary for succeeding at whatever challenges may come their way. At the very least they will have the confidence to tackle it and give it their best shot. And isn’t positive character development a goal for all parents?

Bully Breakers Program~

If your group or school would like this anti-bully training, contact us! They will learn how to make decisions based on their own ideas, words, actions, feelings, needs and thoughts, instead of others’ thoughts, ideas, actions, words, needs and desires. When a child “follows” all the time, they are giving someone else their power. When they choose to make their own decisions amongst their peers, they are becoming leaders. Understanding how this dynamic works is not as important for a child as is knowing how to make it happen.

we all want strong, confident, and happy children, with an able-to-do-anything attitude. It takes time to change behavioral patterns. Bully Breakers will give them a huge head start.

Children matter to us, as they matter to you. Too often I have seen children feeling powerless, not knowing what to say or what to do to hold onto their power. They simply have not been trained.

For short-term solutions, the Bully Breakers Program will give children a head start into finding their power.

Feel free to contact us for more information about your child and his/her situation.


Clara E Minor
Master Instructor/Trainer
MANOLAMA Martial Arts & Self-Defense

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