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Children's Martial Arts is being phased out. Replaced with Workshops.

Workshops will give your children immediate solutions to challenging situations. Workshops (held on weekends) will empower your children on how to make the correct decisions based on the situation that's in front of them in the moment.

Do You Have a Child Who Needs a Bit More Direction in Their Life?

Are they sometimes unruly and disrespectful to you? Do you have a hard time getting them to complete their chores, or even starting their chores? Do they lack discipline to do their homework? Are they buried in computer games all day? Does s/he need some physical outlet? Are your child’s grades lower than you’d like? Is your child being bullied? Is your child a bully? Or are you just concerned for your child’s safety?

Development and Benefits

Physical Skills

  • Agility ~ The ability to move quickly from one point to another
  • Coordination ~ Being able to make the body move exactly as the mind intends
  • Balance ~ Holding the body in any position without falling over
  • Stamina ~ The heart’s ability to keep up with the muscles’ demands
  • Endurance ~ Being able to keep the body moving for extended periods of time
  • Power ~ The ability to move the body with precision for explosive movement when s/he needs to move quickly with the most impact possible
  • Strength ~ Making the muscles stronger by working them in ways that give them a temporary overload
  • Flexibility ~ The ability to reach full range of motion within a safe distance for each muscle group, or group of muscles working together

Mental Skills

  • Develops focus and awareness ~
  • Learn Self-Discipline
  • Stand up for Self
  • Neutralize Bullying Behavior
  • Self-Respect & Respect for Family & Friends
  • Stop inappropriate questions and possible inappropriate conversations
  • Freeze-response replaced with workable choices
  • Discerning between passive, aggressive and assertive behavior

Emotional Benefits

  • Increase Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Feel good about the choices they make
  • Release the "victim" mode of feeling/thinking
  • Learn Self-Respect
  • Feel Empowered
  • Become a Happy Person

What Makes Our Programs an Excellent Choice for Your Child?

The training covers all aspects of a child’s ability to become a leader, as well as covering her/his safety needs. My experience in working with children began in 1982. I have two children who went through this training throughout their childhoods. They are strong, confident and emotionally healthy adults. They both speak their minds. They are both very compassionate human beings. They both can stand up for others. They are both leaders. And my grand daughter has a most excellent mom who is loving, caring and compassionate.

I truly love children, and their well-being and safety are the highest priorities. Your children will be cared for because they really matter.

Child Martial Arts Class - Santa Cruz, CA
Kids Self Defense - Santa Cruz, CA

So What Is This Program Worth to You and Your Child?

There really is nothing that can replace your child’s safety and well-being. No amount of money can buy that. What your investment can do is help your child develop skills necessary for staying as safe as possible, recognizing potentially dangerous situations, and know what the available choices are at any given time. You will be ensuring the best possible environment for your child’s growth and leadership potential.

To get your child started, click on the link to purchase the Intro Package for $39. After we receive your information, you will receive a confirmation on the Semi-Private Session (30 mins).

What have you got to lose? Give your child a fighting chance in today’s world. There is no obligation if this is not the place for your child. We will figure that out with the two sessions (1 Semi-Private and 1 Group Class).

You will have a chance to see if this will work for your child, and we will have a chance to see if your child is a good fit for our program.

Sometimes it is hard to see how that will happen. We know what our kids need. Can you imagine your child being a future leader, taking on huge responsibilities? Every child has the opportunity to achieve the skills necessary to be a leader through martial arts training.

MANOLAMA Children's Martial Arts provides training, using simple components and techniques to give children the proper body motion that helps them to coordinate their minds with their bodies.

The results of this martial arts training deliver benefits not available with any other type of discipline or sport. Although the training goes deeper than just the physical level, the children are unaware of the changes on these levels. They just know they have fun when they come to class, and they begin to feel really good.

As their primary caregivers, you will notice the changes in your child. Although they don’t quite realize what changes are taking place, they do feel the confidence they are building within. This confidence permeates every aspect of their lives. These positive changes will be obvious to you and your child’s teachers alike.

By re-training muscle memory for optimal performance, they will become strong in mind and body. They achieve the physical tools they need to defend and protect themselves, as well as learning valuable lessons in how to conduct their lives.

They begin to understand respect for themselves and for others in their lives. Their confidence in themselves and their abilities will grow as their bodies begin to “feel” different. They begin to sense the personal power they are gaining, and feel very good about who they are in the world. They can literally change their lives through this training.

They receive more than just a “class.” This program is structured progressively. This simply means that lessons will progress to more advanced levels as your child is able to assimilate the information and knowledge into her/his body and mind. This program is not just another physical activity to take up time and keep them active. It is a structured progressive program that will enable your child to go through the necessary changes in order to be successful in life.

Are her/his grades suffering because of situations at school that make them uncomfortable? Sometimes parents don’t even know their child is being bullied (kids have a way of keeping emotions hidden, especially if they don’t feel safe telling anyone). We all want our children to have the courage to speak up. This training will empower your child to do just that.
Do you constantly “nag” them to clean up their rooms and do other chores around the house? If you have several children, do they squabble constantly?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a solution that addresses these situations? What is the one thing you would like for your child that would make her/his life different in a very positive way? Is discipline a problem around your house? Or maybe your child just needs a little more confidence boosting? These are all valid questions for which every parent would love to have an answer.

We have all seen the news and know that perpetrators are in every neighborhood. The problem is that you don’t know who is who. People all look the same. It is hard to tell who is perpetrator just by how they dress.
Your child will learn the signals that perpetrators give when accosting their next “victim” and your child can learn these in an age-appropriate manner.

You absolutely don’t want your child getting scared more than they already might be. Training should allow them to release fears instead of creating more. This is where age-appropriate training is essential. A child’s maturity will dictate what they are able to comprehend.

How Can the Martial Arts Truly Benefit Your Child?

Physical Benefits

Lack of physical fitness will make it difficult for your child to do simple physical activity, and even more challenging to do rigorous movement.
We all know that many children spend a lot of time with electronic devices. Providing our children with physical activities will not only increase their physical health, but will also increase the level of mental and emotional stability & balance necessary for health and happiness.

The essence of all movement is balance and utilizing a strong “core.” Your child will be taught to use the “core” muscles in order to maintain balance of the body’s muscles.

By practicing physical skills, techniques, drills, etc., your child’s body will become progressively stronger. This is something children will absolutely feel as their strength increases. Power is the amount of force generated when striking the focus mitts and kicking shields. This newfound power, more than anything, will build her/his confidence in her/his ability to stand up for her/himself.

By practicing punching, kicking, rolling and falling skills they will increase the power of their strikes and the balance of their bodies. This becomes extremely useful if they should ever have to defend themselves against a perpetrator. This aspect of the training alone will increase their confidence to levels they never before experienced. Conditioning exercises will help them with overall strength.

To balance out this newfound power, they also learn when it is appropriate to use it and when it is not appropriate. All material is age-specific to the children in the group.

As they continue with the repetition of movements, the muscles begin to retain new memory. In order to react in ways that will work for their safety, the muscles must have the memory programmed into them, just as they are programmed as babies to hold the head up, roll over, crawl, stand, walk and run. By incorporating repetition into their lessons, they reprogram muscles to work for optimal personal safety.

By working their bodies and having to focus on what they are doing, they are programming their minds to work in conjunction with the body and vice versa, thus facilitating coordination not only within the physical body, but also with the mind, as the nervous system sends the signals back and forth. What their eyes perceive is immediately picked up by the nervous system. The message is sent to the brain, where it is redirected to the body, and the appropriate muscles react. The repetition in martial arts training is key in making this mind-body connection.

Flexibility is the extent of your child’s range of motion within each muscle group. Agility is the body’s ability to move quickly and readily from one movement to another and adapt immediately to maintain balance.

Excellent flexibility will help to keep the body in better balance, and be better able to move with strength and control. As they continue to move their bodies in predetermined ways, children gain the ability to move with further extension and ease, creating more agile movement. They can kick higher, lengthen their reach, jump further, roll smoother, maneuver faster, and increase their ability to move in ways they possibly never did prior to the training. As flexibility increases, they are able to do more with their bodies. This, again, increases their self-confidence.

Stamina will give your child the ability to maintain more intense exercise. Endurance is the ability your child has to maintain movement for an extended period of time. With continued repetition, the body begins to naturally move faster and with more speed. The longer they continue with the movements, the more they build stamina and endurance in the muscles. This means the heart muscle and the lungs are getting stronger.

Understanding how fitness affects their lives in positive ways will help them to continue to stay with physical fitness, thereby helping to counteract obesity as they move into young adulthood.

This aspect of the training will give your child the skills and strategies needed to understand how to stay as safe as possible, while at the same time learning valuable life success skills.

You can be assured that you child will learn safety and self-protection skills and strategies for staying as safe as possible when you are not there to protect them. You want to have peace of mind knowing they are as safe as possible when you are not with them.

Quality of life is enhanced tenfold when an individual’s body is fit and healthy. Your child will also cultivate a love of fitness and athletics in general, for a lifetime of healthy living.

Mental Benefits

If your child has trouble focusing, this training will challenge her or him in fun and positive ways to help in understanding how to focus, and what benefits they achieve from staying focused. One of the most obvious benefits of learning how to focus is that your child’s schoolwork/homework will improve as a result of the training.

Learning to focus will assist them in completing projects, chores, and tasks they are faced with on a daily basis. Without focus, self-discipline is difficult to achieve.

By focusing, they will also become more aware of themselves and their surroundings. This is important to learn for their safety in class, and even more important, for their safety on the streets and anytime they are alone.

This aspect of the training is also delivered in a manner conducive to the age of the children in the group. Developing focus, awareness and self-discipline will greatly improve their abilities to become leaders.

The physical training involves using their minds in powerful ways. In fact, they will achieve 90% of results from mental skills. By knowing options in choice of words, they can often counter bullies with words alone. They can also ask for help when they need it, or stand up to a verbally abusive adult (for example, a person who might belong on the school grounds, but is having a bad day and appears to be taking it out on your child). Your child will learn that it is OK to say NO to a person compromising their safety.

Kids (and adults) who bully are themselves in a lot of emotional pain. Your child will learn age-appropriate strategies for dealing with those who bully.

They will learn what causes bullying behavior, and how to counter it, and even more important, how to stop another from continuing to bully (see Bully Breakers for more information).

How you treat others is an indicator of how you see yourself. When you treat with respect, you receive respect. Your child will learn how to respect her/himself first. That respect will then transcend into their daily lives. They will learn to differentiate respect for family and friends as opposed to respect for all adults and all authority all the time. We make this important distinction because they need to know that not all adults are safe people. Your child will be able to stop inappropriate conversations and/or questions from “strangers.”

When children are in fear, often they will freeze. This “freezing” stops them from thinking clearly and immobilizes their bodies. When they practice real-life responses, they can break through the fear. Because their minds and bodies now know what they can do and what they are capable of doing, they can respond out of that fear. Even though situations might still be fearful, they can now move their bodies, think quickly, and do something!

When responding to compromising situations, aggressiveness is not always the best choice. Sometimes it might be the only choice. Which response to choose depends on each situation. No one choice is the best at all times in all situations. Your child will learn when aggressive is the most appropriate, when assertiveness might work best, or when even passiveness will work for her or him (and how to use passiveness to their advantage).

Emotion Benefits

As your child’s confidence in his or her abilities increases, they begin to feel good about who they are in the world. How they estimate themselves (self-esteem) is how they see who they are. Do they see themselves as a good person… do they see that they have worth to not only themselves, but to those who love them, and to the world…do they know that they are worthy of receiving goodness…do they know they are capable of accomplishing whatever goal they set?

Feeling good about who they are (not their behavior) begins to develop self-love. Behavior is fleeting. It can change on a daily basis. Who they are as individuals, and how they feel about themselves, will determine what that behavior will become as they move into young adulthood. And, of course, behavior and actions tell the outside world all about them.

Confidence is self power and self power is confidence. This training will develop confidence in one of the most powerful ways possible. It will be lasting confidence that will take your child through the teen years and on into adulthood. This confidence will translate into all aspects of his/her life. S/he will be able to achieve her/his goals as they grow into themselves. Again, leadership skills will develop as self-confidence increases.

Any child who sees her or himself as less than, or gets picked on by others, or feels easily intimidated will go through a powerful transformation out of that mode of thinking and feeling. Feeling sorry for oneself is part of this “victim” way of thinking. Personal power will help release this method of thinking. They will begin to understand that they can choose to be “victors” instead of “victims.”

When you walk tall, others take notice. Your actions determine how others see you. As children begin to develop their self power, they will act in ways that command respect from their peers. They won’t need to ‘demand’ respect from others. Their confidence and inner strength will emanate outward, and this is an energy that others can ‘read.’


Every child is trained beginning from the level s/he is at when they start their training. Most children have not had previous experience. Most children who enroll in our programs have no previous experience in self-defense, safety training, fitness or any martial arts training of any kind.

Our training revolves around teaching each child what s/he needs to learn to get the most out of the program. The longer they train, the more they retain. Even though a child may learn something the first try, it does not mean that they will retain that information. Learning and retaining information are two distinct characteristics unique to each child. The level at which they learn will determine how much information they get.

Repetition is a component of the training that helps children to retain information. Without repetition, the information will leave rather quickly. For a child who learns slowly, there will be plenty of repetition for her/him to retain the information. Children who learn fast will also benefit from the repetition, as again, repetition helps with retention of information.

Your child will be provided with a free uniform, belt and gloves. S/he will need a good pair of clean athletic shoes, with enclosed heels and toes. Part of the training involves kicking at waist level, rolling and falling, and this clothing will adequately protect your child. All other equipment necessary for this program will be provided, or purchased by you, as part of their program. They may bring their own water bottle, as we have filtered water available for refills.

Yes, both girls and boys participate together in workshops, courses and classes. We believe this teaches them respect for each other and gives them more opportunities to advance themselves by working within a diverse group. We do offer specialty courses for Teen Girls exclusively. Contact us if you would like your group of teens to participate in a course just for them.

MANOSAMIN (our Black Belt Martial Arts Program), focuses on character development and life success skills, while at the same time providing the physical, verbal and mental components of self-defense that works for a child's body size. The focus is on leadership and life skills. This involves being safe as an important component to understanding leadership and staying as safe as possible in any given situation.

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