Pilates - Santa Cruz, CA


Core Conditioning Pilates Mat Class Available on the Westside in Santa Cruz for Core Fitness, Strength, Longer-Leaner Muscles, Weight Loss, and a Safe Back

Power-Pac Pilates Mat will give you longer, leaner muscles

Power-Pac™ Pilates will tone, lengthen and strengthen your body

You wil become more fit, firmer and more flexible

Learn to move with balance and internal muscle strength

Get stronger from the inside-out

Find your core muscle groups

Lengthening your spine will make you taller

Go beyond a 6-pac and into a Power-Pac with this strengthening, lengthening, muscle-toning workout. Yes, your muscles will feel this workout. It is challenging enough for those who like to sweat, but simple movements make it easy for everyone to learn.

Pilates - Santa Cruz, CA

Benefits of Power-Pac™ Pilates

  • Find the core muscle groups in your body
  • Tone and lengthen your larger muscle groups
  • Keep your back safer
  • Tighten those muscles that keep your bladder in it's place for no more "oops" moments
  • Strengthen the core muscles that give you a better experience in the bedroom
  • Feel leaner and longer
  • Break a good sweat in this non-impact workout
  • Constant movement will enable you to complete the workout and (you will feel like it went by fast, and believe us, this is not boring Pilates!)
  • You will feel energized and strong as you walk out of your completed Power-Pac™Pilates class.


Perhaps the one thing that makes our Pilates (pronounced pill-aw-teez) Mat classes different is that they are not boring. If you have not yet tried a Pilates class, we’d like to introduce you to this very effective workout. Your body will burn energy as you lengthen your spine (great for combating over-curvature of the upper spine).

Women and men can make a HUGE difference in flexibility, true awareness of how you move your body in different situations, and how to lengthen your muscles for maximum range of motion through Power-Pac™ Pilates.

Try a Pilates class today with No Obligation.

Having balance and stability in daily situations is of paramount importance in order to keep your back safe and strong. If you happen to fall off balance, in the usual situation, most people just fall, and take whatever injuries happen to develop as a consequence. You do have other options!

With ongoing Pilates training, your abdominal muscles will contract to keep your back stable, which results in much less injury, and maybe even none at all, to your back as you take any possible falls. Your breathing becomes so coordinated with your core muscle groups that they begin to move as a coordinated front to keep your back safe, your body much more balanced, and help you create a new body with an ability to move in ways that before could have been as foreign as base jumping (unless, of course, you are a base jumper).

Your body will move with more elegance and grace as you begin to connect with the internal core muscles that hold you upright, and you might even “grow” taller. By permanently lengthening your spine, you can add increments of inches to your height. (Ask me, I have done just that.)

As your body moves through the various movements, and from various positions, you will be constantly lengthening your muscles. You will be consistently coached on how to lengthen your spine, and your muscles. Your body will sit taller and you will stand upright with proper body mechanics.

Yes, this is a sensitive subject, however, it is one that many people experience. Your deep lower abdominal muscles need strengthening, as they are the ones that hold up the bladder in it’s correct position so that it functions as it should. There is a particular problem women face after giving childbirth naturally. And anyone who has had persistent constipation also could have this same problem. The lower pelvic floor muscles have “expanded” south. They are basically much more loose.

Coughing, sneezing, laughing really hard, jumping, or just suddenly moving in a different direction can cause the bladder to loosen it’s hold, so to speak, as the major muscles that support it are now in a weakened condition. It’s easy to have small “incidents” which are annoying at best, and can be really embarrassing at worst. Pilates training will strengthen these pelvic floor muscles to stop these “incidents” from occurring. It will also enhance other areas of your life that utilize these same muscles!

Yes, your life can change dramatically in the bedroom, and who wouldn't want that as a benefit.

So maybe you haven’t worked out since gym class in high school. Or your last workout was walking to get gas for your empty tank. Power-Pac™ Pilates is a great way to start with your new fitness lifestyle. You will begin moving your body in a low-impact manner. In fact, there really is very, very little impact. You will always have at least a part of your body touching the floor.

We work on mats specific to Pilates workouts. Power-Pac™ Pilates is a great way to begin working your muscles until you are comfortable enough to start other types of workouts.

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