Minorsan Holiday 2015 Specials - Santa Cruz, CA

Minorsan Holiday 2015 Specials

One Weekend Only! Black Friday – Shop Small Saturday – Special Sunday – Cyber Monday   Here are the Specials: (Packages apply to Martial Arts, Fitness Classes, and Tabata). Anyone who makes a purchase from the following will be entered to WIN our cool new Camo Swirl Tanks (sizes S, M, L, XL) with our […]
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Martial Arts Can Transform Your Life - Santa Cruz, CA

Martial Arts Can Transform Your Life

As busy as this past Summer was, I held a Black Belt Test, and promoted Marcia Buenafe to 1st Degree Black Belt in our Martial Arts Program. Her test was completely incredible. She did so well. She worked on this for 5 + years. But what is 5 years, when you and your life are […]
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RandyClifford Martial Arts Perfection - Santa Cruz, CA

Randy Clifford—Martial Arts Perfection

‘Once in a Blue Moon’ just happened. Because this ‘blue moon’ happens every few years only (as it did a few weeks ago), when things in our lives happen that seem to come out of nowhere, were unexpected, or seem very random, and it seems like it will not happen again for a very long […]
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30th Anniversary Ribbon Cutting Party - Santa Cruz, CA

30th Anniversary Ribbon-Cutting Party – May 29!

And, it’s a Fundraiser for Sprouting Hope Project! Music, food, prizes, kids activity… Yes, it has been 30 years since I first signed papers to own my own business in Santa Cruz. Seems like forever-ago. And, yet, it seems like just a few years ago. When I think back on all the people who have come […]
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Self Defense Minorsan - Santa Cruz, CA

Comfort in Apology

How often have you had someone do or say something to you, and you felt ‘offended’ (to use a word that is now so commonplace, it is actually used as an excuse for not dealing with our inner game.) And what if now you feel different about that person because of what they said or […]
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Martial Arts and Self Defense - Santa Cruz, CA

Fighting for Life-The Art of Mind

“You can’t always beat everyone with your mind, but you certainly can lose to everybody with your mind.” — Bill Kennedy It’s another awesome quote I just heard recently. I was talking to Bill, a long-time member of MINORSAN Self-Defense & Fitness (for at least 16 years), just after KickAeroBix™ class the other day. Bill […]
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BodyPump Class - Santa Cruz, CA

Your Self-Worth and Value

One of my online friends (from The Netherlands) was chatting with a group of us the other day. He simply said: “Success is something you give yourself. It is permitting yourself to be worthy.” – Taufiq de Water (I told him I loved his quote, and I’d like to use it. He said he would […]
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MANOSAMIN is Pure Power for Life - Santa Cruz, CA

Breaking Habits in 5 Steps:

Yes, you can break habits in 5 steps. They might not be so easy, but they are doable. I’ve already talked about this briefly (see ‘Showing Up’ article/blog). Ahhh. This one is a toughie. How many habits do we all have that we’d like to change/get rid of and transform into a better habit? How […]
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Tabata-Class Santa Cruz Thumb - Santa Cruz, CA

What is Tabata Bootcamp?

‘Tabata’ is a method of weight loss and fitness with short training times. It has to do with timing (in seconds) and rest periods (in seconds), plus differing levels of intensity during these timed segments. It’s broader term is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It is named after the researcher who discovered this method of training […]
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