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Women ~ discover how you can quickly develop powerful self-defense strategies and skills for staying safe. Learn Self-Defense Strategies & Skills in Santa Cruz that'll work for you.
Make the right choices, and learn the best avoidance to high-risk situations with these Self-Defense Classes. Make yourself a 'force to be reckoned with' by cultivating your #BadassCourage.

Next Women's Strategies & Skills LIVE Workshop will be held April 2024, at The Tannery, Studio 111. Time: 11:15 am - 1:30 pm. Sign up at Link | or Contact Us.

 $149 per Person

Your Two Options for 'Quickly Accessible' Training

Self-Defense Strategies & Skills Workshop $149 ~

Women's Self-Defense Workshop  (Contact Us for a private group workshop)
Next Workshop ~ Will be held April 2024, at The Tannery, Studio 111 | 11:15 am - 1:30 pm. Click Link to Sign Up.

Ages 16 and up only (14/15 w/female adult).

In this fast-paced workshop, you will learn the most immediately necessary skills you need to know to be safe in potential confrontational situations. You will not become an expert in this short amount of time. You will, however, learn some things that you just can't 'unlearn.' They will stay with you and you can use them right away. Best two & half hours you've ever devoted to your safety!

Weekend Workshop Intensive $449

This is held on a Friday night (7:00-8:30 pm) and Saturday (1:00-6:00 pm) Check back for the next scheduled Weekend Workshop. Sign up HERE

In this fast-moving workshop, you will learn strategies and skills beyond what you can get in two hours. Your muscles need sufficient training to gain the 'memory' needed to move immediately, with strength, power, and balance. Power-based, immediate physical reaction is mandatory in a physical confrontation.

Know what to do and how to move around people with whom you become uncomfortable (could be someone you know). Learn how to physically fight off an attacker, and how you can get away from your attacker the quickest possible way.

Get the skills to stand your ground, speak up, give commands (that people will act upon), and feel empowered in your abilities to be safe. Also covered in more detail will be chokes, holds, grabs, throwdowns, groundwork, etc.

Partial list of skills and strategies you will learn:

  • Physically control your body
  • Use your power and strength with new fighting skills
  • Learn strong body language
  • Stop being a target for predators, bullies, and overbearing adults
  • Learn to keep yourself safe and protected from threatening people
  • Power yourself with skills and strategies that work
  • Self-Defense will power your life
  • You to feel safe and secure at home and on the streets
  • Training that is short & condensed for your busy lifestyle

The 2-hour Workshop, and any any short duration Workshops are not designed to make you an expert. That would require much more time in hours of training. You will be able to make better choices, and learn how you can avoid confrontational situations in the first place. You will learn some basic physical fighting skills.

For additional training, check out our FighterFit Page

Are you ready to feel safe when you are alone?

If feeling confident and safe from potential “bad guys,” and bullies is important to you, then today might be a good day to start training yourself for confidence to speak your mind, learn the easiest/best striking zones of the human body, move your body in powerful ways, and have the full trust in your abilities to take care of yourself and be safe. Sign up today.

This training could possibly save your life. Your life is worth fighting for—learn to keep it. You are worth fighting for—and besides, the World needs you.

Some Things to Think About...

Although it is not normal to live in fear, it is a natural response to feel fear when we don’t know what to do.

You want to feel safe and protected when you are out and about, either by yourself, or with friends. Does knowing there are predators in our very community make you feel scared sometimes?

You will not become an expert fighter, but you will know what you can do to get away from a potentially dangerous situation. There are many choices, and knowing those choices is critical to your safety.

Teen women, adult women, young children (male and female), and the elderly, are the most vulnerable populations. If you fall into one of these categories, then you need to know at least some self-defense. Although men are also vulnerable and need self-defense training, for everyone else it is not really an option. A female absolutely needs to know how to defend herself against people she knows and people she does not know.

If others talk to you in demeaning ways, call you names, say things that make you feel “less than,” make subtle threats to “get you in trouble” with your boss or other co-workers, or any other behavior that makes you feel intimidated, then you are being bullied.

Do others always seem to tell you what to do, constantly make demands of you, or they command you to do things that you don’t want to do, or are not really supposed to do, and are basically controlling your life?

Even people you call “friends” can often times get you to do what they want you to do, instead of what you really want, even though you know they might be wrong, or you just don’t want to do what they’d like. Letting others manipulate you can feel disempowering (it is).

You will not change another person, but you can make changes in yourself that will enable you to confront others in a way that works for you, and stops the behavior towards you. How would things be different if you could feel safe, if you could make your own choices, if you felt like you controlled your own life?

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I don’t know what I’d do,” or “I think I’d freeze,” you need to learn some physical concepts that make it easy to move your body in strong and powerful ways. These concepts are easy to learn. (Yes, the two hours are jam-packed.) Because the third option to "fight or flight" is "freeze." You will learn how you can “unfreeze” and instead, "move."

Learning how to physically command your body to move in powerful and strong ways to keep you safe is easy to learn.

You could possibly find the power within to do other things in your life that you have been afraid to do because of perceived repercussions (not knowing what the outcome will be, or (especially) how others will react). These fears can be alleviated with self-defense training that works for YOU.

How would your life be different, if just knowing what to say was so much easier for you? In just two strategy-packed short hours, you can learn powerful information that will enable you to make strong, workable, and effective choices for your safety.

Having personal power and feeling good about you is what self-confidence is all about. Confidence radiates out to the world for others to sense (in you). People will begin to treat you with respect, and quite possibly admiration, and maybe even awe. Perpetrators will certainly think twice about confronting you, as they can “read” power in others. They prefer someone who appears weak and vulnerable.

With proper training, you can appear stronger and more confident within a short period of time. True confidence is doing what you really want to do with the belief in yourself and your abilities. You have no doubt that you can accomplish whatever you are seeking.

Often women (and, yes, even men) will stay indoors at night for fear of being out alone. How often have you wanted to go somewhere but were afraid because you felt threatened by a “potential” perpetrator out there? Even though they are out there, you can still train yourself with skills and strategies to stay safe. You will learn what you can do and say to keep potential perpetrators away from you.

And when you can go outside and feel safe by yourself, wouldn’t your life be different? Think of all the avenues that could open up for you.

You will be taught skills, strategies, concepts and movements that have been researched and practiced so that you learn what works for you and your body type. You will learn true self-defense training so that in the event you would have to use it, you will have a much better chance at staying safe.

Nobody can, nor should they, make that claim. Humans are too individualized to predict what each and every person will do in each and every situation. By training at MINORSAN, with our professional staff, you are at least guaranteeing that you will learn proper movement, skills that work, and strategies that will give you workable choices.

Otherwise you would not be seeking for how to protect and defend yourself. If you value yourself as a human being with rights, if you honor and respect yourself, if you want to do what you love, or do what makes you a better person, even if it means going out alone at night—then you should be able to do it.

In order to have the power to make those types of choices, knowing self-defense will empower you to be able to do so.

Body type, body size, or physical condition is not predicated on your abilities to learn self-defense. Learning self-defense is not a physical fitness workout. Yes, you move your body in self-defense training, but this two-hour workshop is not going to make you breathe hard and sweat tons.

Every body type can learn self-defense.

It will be customized for your group’s needs. We can come to your place (or hold it at ours) for your group. Minimum participants is six. Maximum is 30. Ask about our discounted rates for non-profits. If you would like more information for your group, Contact Us here.