Fitness & Women's Self-Defense Empowerment in Santa Cruz

Self-Defense & Empowerment for Women is our Specialty

• Get Fit & Strong NOW
• Know How to Stand Your Ground
• Start Making Your Own Choices
• Learn Self-Defense for Your Safety

Fitness & Women's Self-Defense Empowerment in Santa Cruz

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Womens Empowerment Studio


"The classes at Minorsan are the absolute best! Ms. Clara, Robin, and Kira are all wonderful instructors who make classes challenging and fun!

Being a smaller and locally owned studio, it feels like a tight knit community, which really holds you accountable to your workouts.

I’m so grateful to ms. Clara for her wonderful studio and all the work she does to empower women!" ~Ana Sotaert

Kickboxing | Fitness | FighterFit Fempowerment

Cultivate Your #BadassCourage for Big Changes in Your Life.
Minorsan Self-Defense & Fitness, is located at The Tannery in Santa Cruz, CA, near Downtown & evening classes at Laird's Academy in Santa Cruz CA. Your self-defense training is waiting for you.

  • Healthy and Strong

    Get Fit, Healthy and Strong with FighterFit, Kickboxing, HIIT training, BodyPump®, Self-Defense & Yoga

  • Feel Great in Your Body

    And feel fantastic about your body with Instructors who will coach you to greatness in our fitness classes. Weight loss can be your bonus too.

  • Build Inner Strength

    Build your body from the inside out with Yoga classes that will complement your workouts beautifully.

Workouts | Classes |Programs

You have goals, desires, and needs. If we're a good fit for each other, our Staff will safely guide you to stretch your limits (oh-so-carefully), and kick down the front door to your goals.

Fulfilling your needs is why we're here. We’ve got you covered if you're looking for empowerment thru fitness classes, women's self defense, kickboxing, and weight training

Fitness & Strength Programs

Ready to start feeling stronger in your body? Has it been too long? As soon as you step into your first class, you'll feel something 'different.' Be ready to change that 'unhealthy' feeling and how you feel about you and your body.

Tired of feeling maybe-kinda-sorta sluggish? Yeah, you're not alone. So here's the deal: why wouldn't you want a fun way to move your body, that also feels like such a cool workout?

Yep yep can feel good in your body and feel great about your body as you move in new ways with new muscular strength and physical prowess. And yeah, your InnerBadass will thank you! Our fitness classes are meant to empower you thru kickboxing (hitting heavy bags), weights2music classes, and your bonus is weightloss.

Fitness Strength Programs - Santa Cruz, CA

FighterFit Fempowerment & Self Defense

"Live your life with confidence and fearlessness." Don't you wish it was easy? Nothing great has ever been easy. I mean, really.

So here's the deal: challenging yourself IS building confidence and fearlessness. See? Easy. You can do this because so many others have already done it. As it turns out, we aren't all that different from each other. Most humans thrive in the face of challenge.

You can get super-fit & healthy, learn some kick-butt combat skills, be able to defend yourself from 'the bad guys,' and keep your humble attitude, and live the life YOU want (not what somebody else thinks you should want). It feels awesome to stand up for yourself and speak your mind. I know because I did it too! And now I'm helping y'all to do the same.

Learn to cultivate #badasscourage, love your life, and your power in it. There is nothing else like women's self-defense training. Our women's classes are supportive in all ways, and you'll be respected.

woman sitting on floor against heavy bag

Youth Self-Defense Workshops

WE'LL SCHEDULE YOUR GROUP UPON REQUEST—Kids need to feel safe when up against a bully, or when confronted by a possible predator. Life is already challenging. enough for kids. Arm them with skills that will help them to make safer choices when they feel their safety is being compromised.

Confidence is only as strong as the human body says so. This training trains the body. If you didn't know this already, here it is—the body speaks louder than the mind.

Kids are no different. Give your kids the gift of a big breakthrough in this training that they just can't 'unlearn.' And why would you want them to unlearn it. It is so powerful and so positive. Workshops held throughout the year.

And yes, we do Groups at your place, or ours!

Childrens Program - Santa Cruz, CA

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Your commitment to a healthy, powerful, and safe lifestyle is our priority

Why Choose Us?

  • YOU.ARE.THE.PRIORITY. Your results. Your goals. Your success. You'll feel comfy here (no matter your body-type), and did we say fantastic too? 100% support for you and every tiny win you achieve.

  • Diversity is a mainstay here. All we ask is that you treat others with kindness. Acceptance of our individualism creates a great environment. Confidence to stand tall and defend yourself—to move like nobody’s watching, to strengthen your body, to start your weightloss, and to feel fantastic about who you are in this world, is everybody's right. And we love our Santa Cruz LGBTQ Community!

  • Convenient class times and options. Pick and choose  between our Live classes and our Virtual classes to fit your schedule. Our Virtual classes are a great added perk, and so is our Video Library of workouts!

  • We're all about helping you build power and confidence in your body. Feeling great about who you are in this world radiates confidence. You'll feel like a Super-Shero athlete without having to be one! You'll move way beyond your weightloss goals too.

  • Respect for you and children is number one (right up there with respect!). Honestly, we don't ever shame, ignore, or talk down to anyone. Even kids. Their emotions are more vulnerable than adults. We take really good care of kids in our workshops.

  • Everyone wants peace of mind—especially Parents (and Aunts/Uncles/Grandparents). Peace of mind is that feeling that you know and trust all will be well and safe. Peace of mind develops when you learn to defend yourself, stand your ground and be heard, and/or feel confident that your children are less vulnerable. We got what ya need to fill this void.

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