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"I am LOVING my experience at Minorsan. Ms. Clara, Robin, and Kira are really top notch and truly care about their jobs, they make you wanna work it!!

From Kickboxing, where I sweat so much and punch stress, sadness, and anger out, to BodyPump, where I'm learning so much and building beautiful strength and muscle, this studio is just great. Excellent for cross training... I feel myself getting better, faster, freer.

This diverse , caring, community of badass folks is a joy and I love it!!!" ~Chorel, Santa Cruz

Kickboxing | Fitness | FighterFit Self-Defense

Several ways to Cultivate Your #BadassCourage
Minorsan Self-Defense & Fitness, is located at The Tannery in Santa Cruz, CA, near Downtown

  • Healthy and Strong

    Get Fit, Healthy and Strong with FighterFit, Kickboxing, HIIT training, KickFit Challenge, Tabata,® Strong®, BodyPump® & Self-Defense

  • Feel Great in Your Body

    And fantastic about your body with Instructors who will coach you to greatness!

  • Build Inner Strength

    Build your body from the inside out with Yoga classes that will complement your workouts beautifully.

Workouts | Classes |Programs

You have goals, desires, and necessities. Make them a reality with our dedicated Staff. Fulfilling your needs is why we are here. We’ve got you covered.

Fitness & Strength Programs

Ready for a change in your health and how you feel about your body? Tired of feeling sluggish? Discover a power-filled and fun way to move your body and get permanent results. Feel good in your body and feel great about your body. Learn new ways to move with strength and power. And find your balance.

Fitness Strength Programs - Santa Cruz, CA

FighterFit & Self Defense

Live your life with confidence and fearlessness. Get super-fit, learn some kick-butt combat skills so you can defend yourself, and gain a humble attitude. Stand up for yourself and speak your mind. Learn to cultivate #badasscourage, love your life, and your power in it.


Children's Programs

Your child needs to feel safe against bullies and predators, and gain outstanding confidence in her/himself, while learning success strategies and life skills necessary for becoming a leader in our community.

Childrens Program - Santa Cruz, CA

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Your commitment to a healthy and safe lifestyle is our priority

Why Us?

  • YOU are the priority. Getting the best possible results for your body type and the way you move, and your goals, will help you feel fantastic. You will feel comfortable here (no matter your body-type), and your success will be supported. We love high-fives!

  • Convenient class times. There will be something you can find to fit your schedule, as there are early morning classes, mid-morning, noon, and late afternoon/evening.

  • You want peace of mind—the peace of mind that comes from knowing and trusting in your ability to defend yourself, stand your ground and be heard, and peace of mind knowing your children are less vulnerable. Adult FighterFit and Children's Martial Arts Programs fill this void well.

  • Power and confidence in your body comes from reaching your fitness goals and feeling great about who you are in this world. You'll feel like a super-shero athlete without having to be one! 

  • Help your child get strong and healthy. Your child will learn success skills through the Children's Martial Arts Programs, along with powerful anti-bully training, leadership skills, and fitness training. And they will understand how important it is to give respect to those they trust.

  • Gain the confidence to stand tall and defend yourself—to move like nobody’s watching, to strengthen your body, to start your weight loss, and to feel fantastic about who you are in this world. You'll be ready to stand up, be heard, and share yourself with the World because the World needs you.

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