Get Started at Minorsan with our Intro Package

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Get Started at Minorsan with our 2-Week Intro Package for $79

At Minorsan you get a 1-on-1 Personal Zoom Session, 3 Classes, & your own set of Bag Gloves & Handwraps, during your 2-week Intro Program.

Get started at Minorsan to re-educate your body and start feeling good about your life, thereby allowing you to be more active. Your power starts to come from being fit, strong, and powerful in your body's newfound knowledge of how to take care of itself.

You can get started at Minorsan and workout with a bunch of other awesome women who have the same goals as you—living life on your terms, getting fit, feeling great, and staying healthy.

What else do you get?

Well, you now command respect—and your bonus is feelin' oh-so-hawt and a little bit #badass, which is a double perk! Our Instructor-Coaches put you first—your safety—your needs—your results.

What do you have to lose, except some excess baggage? How would you feel if you lose some excess negativity, and some excess body fat?

You'll Get All the Support You Need

Come take an exhilarating fitness workout, and know you're in the right place at the right time, with the support of women. Even our self-defense program is all about being fit!

From FighterFit Fempowerment to Kickboxing to BodyPump, to HIIT workouts, we have classes that'll generate your Inner Gurrrl Power. And that's pretty awesome. For your mind-body balance & focus, we offer Yoga.

Click the I WANT MORE INFO button to get more info about how to get started at Minorsan. We'll contact you within 24 hours Monday thru Saturday.

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Also, you an alternately CONTACT US and ask your questions directly.

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"I love Minorsan! I have never been very comfortable in workout classes until I came here. There is no judgment. Everyone is so kind. Clara and Robin give such excellent guidance.

I feel so empowered and happy after I leave a class here. It is such an uplifting, women-centric community. It's great! Anyone looking for a great workout, a welcoming environment, sense of community, and teachers that go above and beyond, this is the place for you!"