Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Ended

And how you can fix it… Why are New Year’s Resolutions ending this week? Isn’t this the third week of January? Why yes…yes it is. Did your resolutions end? So why do people ‘give up’ the third week of January? Because it’s tradition? Everyone does it? Why is that? First who cares what ‘tradition’ is. […]
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Fathers and Outdated Beliefs

Conditioning goes very deep… A few weeks ago I read about one of our political figures, and how his behavior towards women was tolerated as ‘it’s just what it is…he always does that. He means no harm.’ And what was brought to light is that sometimes he would say things about women to men (among […]
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Self-Defense - Santa Cruz, CA

Your Safety Quotient

What is your Safety Quotient?   Level of Confidence How is your confidence level when it comes to self-protection? If you were to give it a number from 1-10, your ‘safety quotient’ would be at what level? Knowing you can absolutely take care of yourself, should a challenging situation arise, is self-confidence. Confidence isn’t thinking […]
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SpartanRaceSprint—A Couple of Lessons for this Martial Artist

Running an obstacle course builds more than a ‘win’ Upon the suggestion of a friend and fitness enthusiast, I joined our team about 3 months ago. This was an adventure I had not really contemplated, other than watching it on TV, and knowing that I would have to prepare, train and plan to qualify for […]
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happy new year 2018

Thank You 2017 ~ Hello 2018

Yes 2017 is now coming to a close Setting up for 2018 and what exciting things it holds in store for Minorsan. If 2016 was full of drastic change (venue moving), and collaboration as a new way to build my business, 2017 was the year that we settled into our new partnerships. We have been […]
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Prime My Body Hemp Oil Extract

Why-What of Hemp Oil Extract

Those of you who take my classes have heard me mention this after class: my ‘crazy’ energy is from PMB Hemp Oil Extract (and just a dose of Clara too). What is PMB Help Oil Extract? I’ll explain in a bit. First, I want to give you a bit of the history. I have been […]
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Breaking Up is Hard To Do 300 - CA

Breaking up is hard to do…lol

  Well… I never thought I’d be saying or doing this…after 9 years of having Zumba on my studio schedule, it’s time to let it go. Sad and happy at the same time. I started Zumba because of my LOVE of dancing. I have been moving to sounds since I was at least 7 years […]
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Minorsan Has Moved! 30 - Santa Cruz, CA

Minorsan Has Moved!

Minorsan has Moved and Morning Classes are at The Tannery Monday – Friday morning classes are being held at The Tannery! Classes start October 3, 2016. We are very excited about this collaboration with The Tannery. It is such a great space to just be, and a great space to move. See our online Schedule […]
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Minorsan's New Locations Effective 300 - Santa Cruz, CA

Minorsan’s New Locations Effective 10/3/16

Minorsan is moving! Effective October 3, 2016. Closed Oct 1 & 2 (so we can move!) We are Pleased to Announce… All early morning thru noontime classes, Monday-Friday will be held at The Tannery World Dance Center! We know you will be pleased too with this beautiful campus. Most classes will be in Studio B and […]
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