About Us

MINORSAN will help you find your #BadassCourage through the power-filled programs and classes. We love to have fun and sometimes bring out our 'crazy.' One of the best parts at MINORSAN is that you can be you, and still get fit and healthy!

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Your Greatness Is Awaiting for You... Are You Ready?

Are you ready to become a force to be reckoned with? Do you want to feel your personal, powerful internal self, while making your body perfectly fit and happy. (Yes, a fit body is a happy body.) In a nutshell, that's what MINORSAN is About.

MINORSAN Self-Defense & Fitness provides services to the greater Santa Cruz Community. I, Clara E Minor, have been in business in Santa Cruz since 1985. Self-Defense & Whole Body Fitness is my bottom line. It is what guides all my programming. Our FighterFit program and Children's Martial Arts are structured with safety in mind as the first priority. We see everyone as equally worthy of respect.

From kickboxing for adults, self-defense workshops for all ages, an anti-bully curriculum, leading-edge fitness classes, and mind-body classes, to healthy lifestyle training for increased levels of confidence, vibrancy, energy, strength, weight loss, and feel-good-in-your-body results, my Team and I work smart to bring you the results you're looking for.

I love our beautiful Santa Cruz community, believe in our Santa Cruz community, and appreciate all it's vibrancy, diversity, richness, creativity, and abundance of opportunities to make changes happen.

From our Mission Statement: Making the Change-One Person as a Time-and it Begins with You. This powers my world-wide vision.

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Shed Your Excess and Feel Great Again

Our members always seem to have the best answers when it comes to what we do, and how they feel after classes. They say they love our 'rich programming,' appreciate our instructors, who work hard to make sure that everyone in the room is safe, that everyone has proper form, is having fun, and is getting results. They acknowledge that our facility is clean, and they enjoy the 'community' of The Tannery. Plus we have a dedicated parking lot. But mostly, they love how they feel when they walk in the door, and how much better they feel when the walk out after class. Our members speak volumes About Us.

If it's important for you to feel welcomed, you can add that as a benefit to walking in the door at MINORSAN. Yes, you matter. Yes, you'll feel great about the acknowledgment for who you are, and we believe you'll truly enjoy that there is no underlying competitiveness. And you might appreciate that all fitness levels work together. Your fitness level is irrelevant in making new friends. People help each other. They end up forming very close relationships, and that is what community is all about.

Your Goals Need You

We want to make sure that you are getting what you want from your workouts, thus we are member-focused, and instructor-coached. Without the results you are looking for, your time invested can be wasted.  We are not a “gym” and we do not provide a gym atmosphere, which is one of the things our members absolutely love About Us.

Our members value the quality of service they receive, and the feel-good environment of our facility.

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