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Minorsan's Women's Fitness and Self-Defense Instructors

All of my Instructors are inspired by the energy created and the looks on the faces, of our members during classes. They focus on Women's Fitness and Empowerment.

Motivation is truly an inside job. Some of my motivation comes from the inspiration I get from my members, and from taking my Instructors' classes. People come in thru my doors every day and leave sweaty, smiling and happy. That’s why I do what I do. They feel wonderful, and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment. We create connection and community, and that helps everyone feel appreciated and respected.

A Priority for my Women's Fitness and Self-Defense instructors

Getting exactly what they need is a priority for me (and for my Instructors). Members leave class feeling happy and confident, whether it’s the FighterFit classes, Youth Self-Defense Workshops, or the various Fitness classes.

They feel an inner power that can only come from self-confidence, which truly comes from cultivating courage. This makes it easier to feel strong enough to make the right decisions, to make changes, and to make choices that work for them.

Since empowerment builds confidence, my Instructors know that they need to inspire all members with their own energy. My Insturcors know how to run their classes to get people moving and excited, thereby creating happiness within.

I'm proud of Women's Fitness and Self-Defense Instructor Team. They know how to bring it, every class, every time.

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Whether Members come to morning classes or evening classes, they get a huge stress release from the day. They are more able to get a good night’s rest with a stress-less body, feeling so great about who they are in this world.

My members motivate me to continue to do what I do. They inspire me with the changes they make in their minds and their bodies, and my Instructors help them get there…every single day.

~ Clara E Minor

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