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Fitness Kickboxing Classes Santa Cruz ~ KickAeroBix™

Check out our Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Santa Cruz for the Power you want and the Energy you need so you can feel your Bestest Ever!

Energize up with music, rhythm, and awesome instructors, so you can generate the energy that gets your blood pumping, your body moving, and that feeling in your body that you are more than just your workout.

Learn some awesome basic kickboxing skills that will bring out your #badasscourage so you can be the powerhouse you were meant to be!

Fitness Kickboxing

Effectiveness of KickAeroBix™ relies on the bagwork

Majority of class is hitting heavy bags (yes, you get to wear gloves and hand wraps)

Interval-type high-intensity training during bagwork

Easy-to-learn movements

Make your new fitness lifestyle a priority

Did we say the bonus is weight loss? Yes, it is

You'll be cultivating #BadassCourage

If it’s time for you to check out KickAeroBix™ (Fitness Kickboxing, aka Aerobic Kickboxing, or Cardio Kickboxing), because you want to gain these amazing benefits, read on. Ready to take your first class— click the link to GET STARTED.

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Just a Few Things to Consider...

Developing a fitness lifestyle via fitness kickboxing classes will allow you to feel the benefits of training your body and mind to be strong and healthy, so that you can improve heart health, and get tighter, stronger, more toned and trim muscles. Gain a body that will serve you so well, that you’ll actually fall in love with yourself all over again. Plus, you will gain confidence with your newfound punching and kicking skills.

Wouldn’t it be great to get back some of the energy you had as a kid? Energy creates energy. The more you generate, the more you will have for use all day long, and when we are energized, life takes on a whole new outlook. You deserve to have that energy.

Working out releases toxins in the body, and yes, affects your brain. When you brain is cleared of toxins, your thoughts are much more positive. Our blood travels our entire bodies, brain included. So it’s not just about the endorphins that are created when working out (they give you the “high” after a workout).

The level of happiness and contentment in your life rises dramatically when you have energy, and you are clearing out the toxins that make you feel sluggish. This transfers to a better quality of life for you. So even if you are “tired” but know you need to get to class, you will get to class because you know you will come out feeling so much better and more energized.

Yes, it would. You can put the joy back into living. The stronger your muscles are, the more you can do physically. This, in turn, gives you a mental boost of confidence, knowing you can accomplish so much more because your body moves when you want it to move, how you want it to move, and where you want it to move.

Getting back into it is the hardest part. Just know that this small hurdle is doable. People do it all the time. You can too. With the strong support you get at MINORSAN, your workouts will easily become much loved habits. As you progress through each day, you will feel your strength, stamina and endurance increase. Your body will begin to move harder and stronger. And the pounds will begin to shed away. It will be easier to arrive for class ready.

And so you did nothing about it. Or you tried, on your own, without the results you were looking for; or maybe your doctor recently informed you that you need to lose excess body fat for your health, and you need to increase the strength of your heart? And, by the way, your cholesterol is too high.

Maybe just losing a few pounds would make you feel better. And what if, at the same time, you could gain strength in your muscles, and learn punching and kicking skills that would boost your self-confidence in powerful ways.

In a KickAeroBix™ class, it actually is easy to learn. Our instructors will constantly correct your form so you gain more strength and power.

Imagine how different your life would be if you were stronger, healthier and more fit? Isn’t that what everyone is looking for anyway—a strong body, strong mind, full of life and fully energized? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel like you could actually go outside and “play” again? And feel safe to boot!

Who doesn’t want to feel emotionally and mentally strong and powerful? True confidence is doing what you really want to do with the belief in yourself and your abilities to get it done. You have no doubt that you can accomplish whatever you are seeking. You know you can work through challenges with mental strength and the emotional wherewithal to stand up to those who might make you wrong. You have assurance in yourself, which gives you the ability to be assertive. Powerful punching and kicking skills will boost your self-confidence like no other fitness workout.

Confidence you gain from learning to strike with power will lessen your fear of others. You want to be able to defend yourself when you feel threatened, either verbally or physically. Learning strong punching and kicking skills will give you the confidence that helps ensure potential challengers decide to stay away from you. This alone is what makes a KickAeroBix™ stand out from “hitting the air” aerobic kickboxing classes.

As you continue with your KickAeroBix™ classes, you will gradually develop this power. If you could go out alone and feel safe, wouldn’t your life be different? Think of the avenues that could open up for you.

Many of us understand that most “work” environments help create stress. Stress is responsible for a laundry list of ailments to the human body and mind. There are several ways to relieve this stress. What if you could relieve stress, and, at the same time, be working on your fitness goals? Doesn’t it make sense to conserve time?

If you want to have a good time, get stronger, feel some power, and feel good for the rest of the day, this powerful stress-releasing workout will get you there fast!

Work your body with KickAeroBix™—A Professional Fitness Kickboxing Workout, designed to energize, invigorate, strengthen, tone, & power-up your body, utilizing music as an enlivening motivator to get you moving! Easy and simplified movements will get your heart pumping, your body burning calories, and boost your endorphins, for an effective workout that’s exciting, fun and empowering.

Women and men equally enjoy, and benefit from, this workout. It’s simplicity makes it appropriate for all levels, as intensity is based upon what you wish to achieve for that day. You can tone it down or power it up. Nobody will “make” you do anything. All levels can benefit from the same class. If you’re ready to take the leap, fill out the

KickAeroBix™ has been around since 1996. MINORSAN started the heavy bags revolution in Santa Cruz County. We have trained numerous other instructors who are teaching their own versions of fitness & cardio kickboxing in the community.

"I am LOVING my experience at Minorsan. Ms. Clara, Robin, and Kira are really top notch and truly care about their jobs, they make you wanna work it!! From Kickboxing, where I sweat so much and punch stress, sadness, and anger out, to BodyPump, where I'm learning so much and building beautiful strength and muscle, this studio is just great. Excellent for cross training while I prepare to run a half marathon, I feel myself getting better, faster, freer. This diverse , caring, community of badass folks is a joy and I love it!!"

~ Chorel, Santa Cruz CA

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