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Are you looking for a new “boost” to Kick Up your workout routine?
Are you in a slump? Are you bored with your current routine? Do you not even have a routine? Check out the Benefits of HIIT-Kick below...our 'sister' workout to KickAeroBix.

Benefits of HIIT-Kick

  • You'll burn even more calories during the entire class, but even more important is that you body will continue to burn calories after the workout
  • Your aerobic conditioning will dramatically improve (great heart health), which means you’ll be able to go longer and/or harder
  • The feeling of “same-o same-o” will be gone. You will not have time to even think about being bored
  • No need to get more equipment. Your body will be your “newest equipment”
  • You will boost your metabolism to higher levels
  • You’ll continue to get stronger and more powerful
  • You will feel like an athlete without the competition!
  • You’ll leave class feeling invigorated, strong, and accomplished

Some Things to Think About...

Even if we love our workouts, we can reach a plateau, which means we stop getting continuously better results. Our bodies are very adaptable. And they'll adapt to whatever workout we're doing.

In order to boost our metabolism a bit more, we must “shock” the body—make the muscles move in a different way in order to “wake them up” for continuous results.

Your body would surely feel that slight change it needs. And your metabolism would get a boost. Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns the energy you eat (calories). When your muscles are “more lean” your body burns more energy because these muscles need fuel, and they get it from your food.

This is one of the main reasons athletes stay so lean. Their bodies burn food almost as soon as it hits the digestive tract! (OK, it does have to get digested first…). You can still do kickboxing, which in and of itself is interval training, but now pair it with higher-intensity moves, and you have HIIT-Kick.

This principle called HIIT (high-intensity interval training) has been extensively researched (and is not new).It has been the method (for years) athletes have used to train for their next competition. It is now a very popular method to utilize in workouts for the everyday person, as it is so effective.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) requires your body to use high bursts of intense energy for short periods of time, followed by a quick recovery, and then lesser intense exercises. These “intervals” work to make your body burn higher levels of energy, compared to a continuous level of movement for an extended time (30 to 60 minutes). These short bursts of high-intensity intervals will make your body move in ways that it normally does not with many other forms of exercise, and that means it will effectively “shock” your body. You’ll still be doing “bagwork” as in our KickAeroBix™ classes, however, there is the added benefit of higher-intensity interval training.

You absolutely can! People new to a regular routine of activity will get results from most any workout they choose. The muscles are getting the boost they need with the new increased activity.

However, after extended periods of time with the same exercise, the body adapts to this new activity, thus making it harder to get the same results. If you start with walking first, eventually you will need to move more vigorously (and will be more ready to), in order to continue getting results.

For some individuals, maintenance is the goal. They have reached the levels they wanted to achieve, and maintaining the present condition is what they desire. (HIIT-Kick is great too for those who are already fit and just want to maintain their fitness levels.)

As this new activity becomes easier, it means the body does not require the same amount of energy to get the same amount of activity completed. It just becomes easier because you are becoming more fit! For more results, you will want to bump it up a notch.

Whether it’s weight loss, a healthier heart, stronger muscles, better muscular definition, the camaraderie of other participants, or just to feel better with the endorphin rush, we all want results. The workout must provide that which we are looking to make our lives better in whatever way works for us.

Blending our KickAeroBix™ workout with HIIT principles gives you the option to get in some HIIT training. HIIT-Kick was developed to compliment our kickboxing bags class workouts (KickAeroBix™), so you will have the opportunity to do two types of workouts in one class format. Interval training has always been a part of our KickAeroBix™ class, however, with the higher-intensity, shorter duration segments, the workout becomes more HIIT-based.

You will start with short warm-up, then segue into HIIT segments interspersed into the next 30 to 35 minutes with bag work. You will end with a cool-down/stretch segment. Total class time is 45 minutes!

Everyone has to start somewhere. For someone new to activity, any class format will most probably be challenging. Consult with your doctor or health care practitioner to see if you are ready for increased activity in your life.

We also suggest you take it easy during your first few classes. You must feel comfortable with the movements you are doing before you should increase the level of intensity. Your instructor or team coach will guide you to make your appropriate choices during each class, and give you appropriate options.

Slow and sustained increases in your overall activity are generally a better option than jumping in with both feet and going for gold from the get-go. This is the fastest way to burn out and stop your new activity. We would like you to set yourself up for success. Work into it over an extended time. You can do one or two higher-intensity intervals in your first class and increase it as you get into better condition.

If you have more questions about this class format, or any of our other classes, and what would be best for you, contact us for a complimentary consultation (no charge).

"Had one of my best workouts ever last night!!!" ~ Jessica K

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