Fruits Sugars Diets and Weight Los 30 - Santa Cruz, CA

Fruits, Sugars, Diets, and Weight Loss

Fruits, Sugars, Diets, and Weight Loss can be so confusing! Why is weight loss so difficult? Why are ‘diets’ challenging? Why is ‘sugar’ so confusing? I have a link below that explains sugars, refined and in whole foods, for easier understanding of how all these sugars affect our bodies. There are specific ‘diets’ out there that […]
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Wharf to Wharf - Santa Cruz, CA

Lessons from the Wharf to Wharf

This past weekend I ran the Wharf to Wharf with a bunch of fun crazy ladies (and one gent, the Beekeeper) who were all promoting Hive & Hum, a new business on River Street, focusing on the importance of our winged friends…especially our BEES. (It is a beautiful store with lots of goodies for everyone!). […]
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Sugar Addiction - Santa Cruz, CA

How Addicted to Sugar are You?

My addiction goes back a long way… At 2 months of age I was fed canned milk diluted with water. The milk was sweetened. That was the ‘formula’ at the time, if babies could not breastfeed, for whatever reason. I was so addicted as a kid, I would take the flower decorations on birthday cakes […]
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Sugar's Hidden Name feature - Santa Cruz, CA

Sugar’s Hidden Names

  Sugar comes with many names These are not the only names, btw… Here is a list of the many names that are used for ‘sugars’ in packaged foods. Read your labels carefully. It hides in a lot of ways. If you are wanting to get healthier, this is one huge big first step. Just begin […]
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Firearms Safety Class 1 - Santa Cruz, CA

Firearms Safety Class

Firearms Safety Class for Everyone In this Firearms Safety Class you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about them. Types of bullets, different firearms, most common used, learn about calibers, what the numbers mean, which have magazines (and what are magazines?), how much time it takes to fire each one, what are revolvers, […]
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Congratulations to Our Winners! 30 - Santa Cruz, CA

Congratulations to our Winners!

Yes, congratulations winners! We had 5 Winners. Here are a couple of vids we took regarding the Women’s Health & Lifestyle Expo at the Coconut Grove in Santa Cruz, on May 12. All our Challengers did soooo well! Congratulations Angelica Torentino, Sue Renner, Jessica Williams, Jackie Christinson, and Brittany Saunders! Congratulations Everyone for gettin’ on your ‪#‎BadassCourage‬! 42 people took on […]
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Summer Works for Weight Loss 300 - CA

Summer Works for Weight Loss

Summer works for weight loss due to several factors A recent study, which was highlighted on a daily news show, indicates that 68% of the U.S. population loses more weight during the Summer months. Here are some good reasons why Summer works for weight loss: 1 – We move more in the Spring and Summer. […]
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Are You Nice or Kind featured - Santa Cruz, CA

Are You Nice or Kind?

The other night I was teaching one of the Self-Defense modules, and the subject of ‘nice’ and ‘kind’ came up. It’s interesting how much we know the difference, yet often fall into being ‘nice’ rather than kind.’ Are you nice or kind? Why the Indoctrination Our indoctrination into being ‘nice’ started when we were very […]
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Martial arts and Fitness - Santa Cruz, CA

Why I Teach Martial Arts & Fitness

  Teaching martial arts, self-defense & fitness go beyond “passion”… There is purpose behind what I do I often get asked what I do (by people whom I’m meeting for the first time). In March, I was at an event and had the opportunity to speak to 85 women. What a treat! A captive audience….a speaker’s […]
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