Changing Habits - Santa Cruz, CA

Chemistry Involved in Changing Habits

Who knew that chemistry was involved in how successful we can be with changing habits. The following blog post by James Clear explains how it all works in our brains and how changing habits works (or doesn’t). See if you can see your ‘sticking points’ after reading this article by James Clear. The good news […]
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Get Fit - Santa Cruz, CA

Get Your Life ‘Fit’ this Spring

Yes, Spring is almost here. As each season is only 3 months, what can you determine to get accomplished, maybe finish, or start, continue, and/or achieve in 3 months time? Spring is always the best time to clean up: clean out closets, rearrange another room, clean out the garage, get rid of excess storage, get the garden fixed up, and […]
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Self Care Love - Santa Cruz, CA


  Caring and Loving Self We’ve all head this over and over. Love yourself. Self-care-self-love…that could mean a lot of things, as everyone is so different, yet we are the same. I truly believe that everyone wants and needs love. It starts with our ‘self.’ Our families and our friends can bring us great joy. […]
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Single arm takedown

What is #BadassCourage?

.     Every move re-educates the muscles. Ahhhh…Courage— It evokes pictures of some courageous and strong people we all know, or have seen in movies—I think of Braveheart, Wonder Woman, and other SuperHeroes. The Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr., airline pilots (who have successfully landed an ailing aircraft full of people), and others […]
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Self Care Day - Santa Cruz, CA

Self-Care Self-Love Day!

OK…this is predominantly a Ladies event! Heidi Moakler of Ruby Ribbon will be showcasing her “BraFreeForever” line of clothing that will change the way you choose your clothes! February 5, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm we are having a Special Event that will highlight Ruby Ribbon, doTerra essential oils by Katherine Hughes, and GoosesGoodies Toffee […]
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Get Fit -Santa Cruz, CA

Martial Artist from Spain

Martial Artist, Jose Maria Gomez, is Grateful~ Good Day! I received the following from a Black Belt Martial Artist from Spain. This man is one of my Black Belt students and made great effort to be here this Summer. After his trip to our Studio this past August, he felt compelled to write the following: “!Hi!, […]
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2nd Year Anniversary Tabata - Santa Cruz, CA

Tabata 2-yr Anniversary Celebration Week!

Here is all the info on our Tabata 2-yr Anniversary Celebration Week. Someone will WIN a Tabata Bootcamp at 50% off! Someone will WIN a #badasscourage tank. It could be you. You’ll also have the three opportunities in one week to check out these 30-minute workouts for FREE. We’ll answer all your questions, and you can […]
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Adventures Of A Broken Arm - Santa Cruz, CA

Adventures of a Broken Arm

On the town on a Friday night networking, partying, dancing, eating great food (served by our very own Hedy Nochimson of Plate & Bottle), and generally having a great time at the Little Black Dress event, a fundraiser put on by Monica Karst of the Santa Cruz Socialites. Awesome event with great friends and colleagues. I […]
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Update On Upcoming Events Featured Img - Santa Cruz, CA

Update on Upcoming Events

In March, 2016, as part of our self-care series, we are hosting Damsel in Defense, a woman-owned Scotts Valley business, for a Special Event, open to the public. You will get to hear all about the various goodies pictured here (and more). These are non-lethal safety implements available in various colors and sizes (yes, they […]
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