Martial Arts Minorsan - Santa Cruz, CA

Do You Show Up?

Showing up is sometimes hard to do. Showing up to a Showdown is even harder. So, what does it mean to ‘show up?’ It means you are present. It means you keep your commitments. It means you work through the resistance and you ‘do’ anyway. It means you do what you said you were going […]
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BodyPump® - Santa Cruz, CA

Fall challenges are here

The time is here when we are the most challenged to continue with our routines of getting our bodies to move. The natural inclination is towards staying inside, and doing very little activity, as it gets darker earlier and earlier....
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Welcome to MINORSAN Self-Defense & Fitness

Hello World Indeed! So glad to have a new website that actually works! Thank you to my team at for their excellent work. Check out the site, and then absolutely give us your feedback. You can do so simply by going to the Contact page. Would love all input. We want to be sure your visit to our website is productive for you. Let us know what’s up!...
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