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Looking for a stress-free way to build more strength, flexibility, and peace of mind?

Do you wish to have more control of your body and your life?

Are you ready to make a change?

Does your body just need to be strengthened and lengthened?

Your practice of Yoga will provide awesome benefits. Read below for more info on this centuries-old practice.

Today Is a Good Day to Start Making Changes

Feel more strength in your body

Find more flexibility in your muscles

Feel more balanced emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually

Reduce stress to make a huge difference in your health

Feel more 'connected' to you? Too often many people find themselves running around every day attempting to get “things” done.



Grocery shopping

Gift shopping


Yard work responsibilities

Pet care


Picking up/dropping off kids

And on and on

Yes, this can be very stressful, especially when you then have to deal with traffic, incompetent people, hazards, and other distractions along your path to finishing your day. Where can you possibly find 10 minutes to just sit and breathe? There is a solution to this madness.

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Benefits of Yoga

  • Pain reliever – yoga is good for relief of chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis. It also relieves anxiety and depression (p.70)
  • Brain booster – yoga helps the brain work better (72)
  • Better sex (72)
  • Improves sleep (72)
  • Stay younger looking –“yoga and meditation may be associated with cellular changes that affect the body’s aging process” (73)
  • Wards of illness – yoga can fortify the body’s ability to resist illness ((73)
  • Vertebrae disk health – those practicing yoga have “less degeneration of the spine (74)
  • Boosts heart health – “yoga and meditation may help reduce many of the major risk factors for heart disease” (74)
  • Joint support – asanas (poses) keep the joints lubricated (74)
  • Helps the back – “yoga can help resolve certain types of back troubles,” especially lower back pain (75)
  • Helps control blood pressure (86)
  • Yoga may help stave off diabetes (86)
  • Yoga “helps with symptoms of menopause (from hot flashes to sleep disturbances, to mood swings) (86)
  • Emotional stability – those who practice yoga have less depression (86)
  • Power source – yoga strengthens muscles (86
  • Better balance – yoga helps in balance, which is especially important for older adults (86)

Extracted from Yoga Journal, September 2013, from an article by Katherine Griffin, former Yoga Journal editor.


Being busy all day long (even if you do get all your “things” completed) is a slightly out-of-balance life. Finding time in your day to relax, possibly meditate, and let go of worries and the day’s responsibilities will give you the balance your body and mind need for a healthy life. A huge stepping-stone to vibrant health is finding the time to go within and feel calm, balanced, and re-energized..

Are your joints weaker than you would like them to be? Do you sometimes feel like you almost lose your balance just a little bit (even though you don't topple over)? Instability in your joints can make the entire body feel weak, and can easily throw you off balance. You are then at high risk for injury from falls. Making yourself more stable will give you more confidence, and you will feel like you have the strength to be a bit more physical. You will be able to enjoy more activities that involve movement, and find happiness in every day, feeling that strength within you.

Do your joints ache often? These signals mean that you need to do something about your health. Aches and pains are just that—a pain! Wouldn’t it feel fabulous to eliminate joint aches and pains? Keeping your joints moving is critical to the lubrication of those joints. When we move our framework, our bodies create synovial fluid, thus lubricating our joints and alleviating much of our joint pain.

Yoga is considered a “gentle” workout/discipline. Your movements are more controlled than in many other physical disciplines. Yoga will allow you to move into your full range of motion, and then remain there while you “feel” the energy moving through your body in that moment of stillness. You are at once calming your mind, stretching your body, finding balance, increasing your range of motion, and strengthening the joints.

This concern is probably one of the most popular reasons people often put off beginning any type of exercise class, program or regimen. It is somewhat unnerving to think that you won’t be able to do it. Maybe you think you might not be able to finish class. Or that something else will embarrass you.

Not to worry. Our instructors will take you through the workout at your own pace. You will not be asked to do anything that “hurts” or just feels uncomfortable. Adjustments will be made along your path to finding more flexibility, balance and strength.

During class, you will relax into the postures (asanas), and by focusing the mind and breath in the present, you will begin to feel sereneand calm, as well as energized, by the end of class. Yes, you will begin to create more energy. (Ah...don't we all want more? If I could bottle up pure energy and sell it, I'd make a million easy!)

Yoga practice helps you learn to control your mind. Yes, you actually can learn to do this. It focuses on the moment and the breath, so that your mind becomes more calm, regardless of what happened in the past or what “might” happen in the future. A calm mind releases tension, stress, worry, and fear, and gives you a new perspective on your own life. This allows you to make better choices for you.

It makes no sense to work on one part of yourself (mind) and let the other part go (body), or vice versa. Both are intricately connected and balance only works when you incorporate the balance of both mind and body.

Through the asanas (poses) in Yoga practice, you will learn proper alignment when moving into the poses (and you do so at your own pace), so that your physical balance improves, as well as your “life” balance, and your mind learns to focus easier and easier. In stressful times, you will be able to become calm. You can get healthy with a sound body and a sound mind through Yoga practice. Tone your muscles and your internal organs with this centuries-old method of aligning your body for a healthier life.

Your life, through Yoga, will change in profound ways. Ease of tension through the body and mind produces a less stressful life.

Yoga practice benefits your mental, physical, and emotional capacities and puts you on a path to better, more vibrant health.

Are You Ready To Check It Out?