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KickFit Challenge

Change Your Body—Find the Fit YOU Want—Find What Will Work for You

Formerly a 6-week program, this workout has been added to our regular Schedule of classes!

Now is always the best time to get on board with making a difference in your own life.

This format is for people who don't necessarily want to move to the beat of music. This class is comprised of timed workout segments, ranging from 20 seconds to 20 minutes! Each class is different.

Everyone works out on heavy bags, on mats, standing on the floor, with partners, with small equipment (bands, bars, balls, weights, etc). And the best part—everybody is doing their 'own' thing. Nobody cares at what anybody else is at.

As with all workouts at Minorsan, this class is open to people just starting out with a fitness lifestyle, to those who are more experienced with fitness workouts. Everyone is welcome.

A positive environment for doing your own thing, at your pace, on your terms—with the added bonus of a coach, support from class members, and your own accountability, once you BOOK the class! Click on our GET STARTED button so you can GET STARTED TODAY!

Get ready to change your body...and change your life.

Is this for you?

Yes, if:

  • you have not been working out for a while
  • you feel slow and sluggish
  • you need a ‘boost’
  • you want to get back into a fitness routine/lifestyle
  • you want to begin a life of fitness and health
  • you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
  • you’d thrive in an environment of like-minded people
  • you have that special event coming up in a couple of months and you wanna rock your look!
  • you are ready to cultivate your #badasscourage!
Get Fit Challenge Caroline - Santa Cruz, CA

Generally, working out 3 times a week in this type of workout will provide you with results, as your body is going thru massive changes, yet having enough time to rest and recharge.

Your strength and endurance will increase rapidly, and your muscles will begin to ‘feel different.’ When you look at them in the mirror, you will be able to ‘see’ how they are developing (toned...NOT bulgy and big).

Develop great energy while working at your own pace. You will feel so supported by all the other participants in your class. This is a BIG bonus!

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