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Self Protection and Empowerment can be Yours

Tap your internal energy that powers your voice, your mind, and your body for a powerfully confident life, and learn how to live in fearlessness. Cultivate your #BadassCourage and completely change your life. Self Protection and Empowerment develops with consistent training. Workshops provide easy-to-learn urgent skills.

FighterFit & Self Defense Classes

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Self Defense Classes

Discover how you can quickly develop powerful self-defense strategies and skills for staying safe.

Learn Self-Defense Strategies & Skills in our Workshops. You won't become an 'expert.' However, you'll come away with strategies and skills you can put to use immediately.

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FighterFit Program

Women's FighterFit Fempowerment classes at MINORSAN. Learn to move your body with strength and power thru fitness fighting skills that'll empower you to stand your ground. Say what you think or feel by speaking up, find your inner power, and develop the skills to repel predators.

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Benefits of FighterFit & Self-Defense

  • You will feel empowered
  • You’ll understand how you can control your own life
  • Bullies around you will be neutralized
  • You’ll be able to stand up for what is right, even if you’re the only one standing
  • You’ll feel really good about making your own decisions and choices
  • You’ll be able to “see” red flags in other people’s behavior
  • You will reduce the amount of fear you carry (about your safety)
  • You can speak your mind, whether it’s to a large group or just one person
  • You’ll get fit training in a fighting method
  • You will experience power like you’ve never felt before (and it will be coming from your own body)

From the Desk of :
Clara E Minor, Owner and Master Instructor/Trainer at MINORSAN Self-Defense & Fitness

Hello and Welcome to our FighterFit & Self-Defense page. The above questions do concern your safety, self-confidence, and your ability to stand your ground. There are answers.

If you ask yourself, "Do I have the confidence to stand up for myself?”—did you (even a little bit) hesitate before answering?

Should a confrontation become physical, do you feel you'd have the confidence to speak up, and do you feel that you have the skills to back it up? We're here to help people to gain these very skills.

Gain confidence with the newfound physical process of getting stronger, understanding how to physically control another person (and possibly knock them out), and using your voice to stop confrontations.

Knowing how to physically take care of your safety needs will extend into other parts of your life like nothing else. You'll be able to walk taller and feel absolutely stronger in your mental capacities to handle situations in everyday life.

You’ll be able to speak up when you know something is wrong. You’ll be able to command respect of others. You will basically unleash the Unstoppable Warrior Within by Cultivating Your #BadassCourage.

If this sounds like something that would benefit your life, we have two options to help you. Our 2-hour Community Self-Defense Workshop is a two-hour introduction designed to give you immediately usable options and skills. For more in-depth training, you can easily follow this up with our Weekend Workshop.

You may also opt for the FighterFit Program and get started on a lifetime of change. You will learn about both of these programs more in-depth before you make your decision.

Click any of the links above to read more. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our FighterFit and Self-Defense classes and courses. Thank you for the visit, and we look forward to meeting you and helping you change your life into one of strength, power and fearlessness.


Clara E Minor
Master Instructor/Trainer
MANOSAMIN Martial Arts & Self-Defense "Pure Power for Life™"
MINORSAN Self-Defense & Fitness


Do you want to be able to confront people who are bullying you? If someone accosts you on the street while you are walking, minding your own business, would you know what to do? Do you understand the different levels of confrontations? If you are very suddenly, physically attacked, would you know what to do?

These situations can be very frightening if you have no idea what to do, and you are suddenly in in the middle of one of these. There is a solution.

Is there someone at work who bullies you constantly, or even just from time to time? Does your boss support you? Can you speak up when something is not right at work? Do you have the strength to ask for a raise?

You want your work environment to feel safe. If it is hostile, getting your work done can prove to be challenging. If there are abusive people around you, you’ll be in a constant state of stress and unease. Learn how to effectively neutralize these situations.

Or do they ignore you, sometimes even snickering or giggling? If you have to speak in front of groups, do you have the confidence to command their attention? Do you have their respect? It can feel very demeaning when people do not pay attention to what you have to say. Or they just brush you off as insignificant.

Learn how to command respect and get people to act on your behalf.

Can you speak up to professors, doctors, presidents, heads of whatever? If people in “authority” positions feel intimidating to you, you can change this. You can learn to be strong in their presence and be able to speak your mind.

Do you understand what it takes to fix what is broken? Do you understand how to communicate what you feel without blaming the other person? Do you know when you need to end a relationship? Do you have the confidence to create a new relationship (with someone you already know, or someone you don't know)? Do you know how to even begin the process? You can gain the confidence to make your own choices!