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BodyPump® Classes in Santa Cruz

Get Some Serious Fat Burn, Tone Up and Strengthen Your Muscles.  Get Motivated by the Fast Results with our BodyPump Classes in Santa Cruz

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BodyPump® Classes in Santa Cruz

BodyPump classes in Santa Cruz are a popular alternative to the open weight room. Increase your metabolism for faster fat-burning, thereby getting leaner & more toned muscles. Develop great body strength (feel like an athlete without having to be one), so you feel fantastic.

Get stronger tendons and ligaments, increase joint lubrication, and build denser bones, thereby significantly increasing long-term health and combating osteoporosis!. Yes, these are the major benefits of a BodyPump® class in Santa Cruz. It's like magic, only it's real!

For a toned and strong body, weight training is key

BodyPump® at MINORSAN keeps you on track

Great coaching and motivation for you

Resistance training workouts that are truly fun!

Music keeps you motivated

Rev up your metabolism and burn body fat at a faster rate

Resistance training is 50% of the physical equation to losing body fat, thereby maintaining your ideal weight permanently. You must have a resistance training regimen in your weekly routine, as this allows you want to get permanent results. The bonus is you'll still be able to eat without feeling starved.

Body Pump Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz, CA

Logistics of Class

Even if you have lifted in the weight room, BodyPump Classes in Santa Cruz, and specifically at Minorsan, are different. BodyPump is resistance training for endurance, strengthening, and toning, therefore, requires lighter weights.

As you get stronger within each exercise, you can go up in weights. This allows you to do this safely at your own pace, so you avoid injury. It often takes months to build up in weghts, as each individual is different. Allow yourself to feel what your body needs, and you'll be successful.


  • Light weights are recommended
  • Your body needs to get ready for more weight
  • Adaptation to the workout is necessary for the safety of your joints and muscles

Squats Track

  • Load the heaviest weight of all the tracks (10 total)
  • If you are just starting out, go light
  • Proper form is a priority for your safety
  • Options are given for every track
  • Focuses on lower body

Chest Track

  • Lighten the load by about 1/3
  • Chest muscles are the most challenging to contract
  • Some chest tracks have the option to use plates
  • You will be on your back (on a mat)
  • Focus is on the front upper body

Back Track

  • Heavier weights than Chest—not as heavy as Squats
  • Multiple compound movements
  • Most energizing of all tracks (most cardio)
  • Entire backside is worked, from upper back to back of legs

Triceps Track

  • Lighter weight by about half of Back Track
  • Two to three exercises comprise this track
  • Options include plate work and body resistance
  • Multi-level exercises
  • Small muscle group


  • Weight remains lighter
  • Most often bar work, with optional plate work
  • Small muscle group
  • Usually the hardest track to add more weight

Lunge/Squat Track

  • Second time for lower body
  • Optional multiple exercises
  • Less weight than for Squats Track
  • Some tracks can get more cardio towards the end

Shoulder Track

  • Lightest weights are recommended
  • Multiple exercises
  • Last small-muscle-group track
  • Variations and options available

Core Track

  • Options offer use of a plate
  • Multiple exercises
  • Performed on mat
  • Variations/options available


  • Just as important as the Warmup
  • Time for rest, relaxation and stretch
  • Slower-paced music will round out the workout and end your class on a high!


What Will BodyPump® Do for You?

Increase your metabolism for faster body fat loss

Improve the strength of your tendons and ligaments

Help make your heart stronger

Improve your coordination

Shape, tone & define your muscles

Improve your bone density

Improve your muscular strength

Improve your general fitness

Give you a sense of achievement

Increase your confidence in your body's ability to exercise properly

Burn up to 600 calories during the workout and keep burning for another 24 hours

How to Perform BodyPump® Safely

Your instructor will guide you through all exercises in order to perform them safely, but remember:

Good posture is the foundation of all exercise

Focus on learning good technique from the beginning

Work continuously at perfecting your technique

Keep your weights light! After about 4 to 5 classes you can consider going up on some of your tracks

Perform all movements with control

Always keep joints slightly bent

Keep the working muscle focused and stabilize the others (we’ll help you with this)

Pay attention to what your body is telling you

Some Things to Consider...

BodyPump® Class:

That’s why your attempts at working out in a do-it-yourself gym environment (or at home) don’t work for you. Many people who have enrolled in a traditional gym (where you are on your own, unless your hire a personal trainer) often have a hard time making it a regular routine. Instead of working with weights (because you might feel uncomfortable in the “weight area” or you don’t know what to do, you opt for the cardio machines. Is this you?

You might get there, but you feel tired, so you don’t complete your routine (because there is no one there to push you just a little). And then you might opt for a little bit of cardio, and you end up leaving early. Then you think “I’ll do it tomorrow.” And tomorrow comes…and then goes. And you have now gotten out of your current routine. Pretty soon a week goes by…and you know the rest. So you start all over again with your next session. If this is familiar to you, then you’ll benefit from a program that involves someone “coaching” you and providing inspiration for you to continue to the very end of your workouts. With a built-in support system, all participants feel what you feel as you move your body, so you are not alone in the challenge. Everyone stays together, moves together, laughs together, and benefits together!

If your doctor has suggested you lose excessive body fat, then you need a regimen that will boost your fat-burning capabilities without building huge muscles, and a regimen that will make your body begin creating new cells, new ways of moving, new nerve pathways to greater strength, stability, flexibility, joint integrity, balance and a host of other benefits. Getting healthy (or staying healthy) requires less body fat rather than more for most people. Excessive body fat leads to numerous illnesses, sicknesses and diseases. The documentation and research on this is significant, and much too significant to ignore. Our bodies must have some body fat, however, excessive is detrimental to good health.

Once you have packed on more pounds than you feel comfortable with, the hardest part is beginning to work it off with proper eating habits and a great physical weekly routine. Remember what we said above: resistance training is only 50% of the physical equation. You can absolutely lose weight with just cardio workouts, however, at some point most people will plateau. In order to increase your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns energy), you must add resistance training of some type or another. The increase in metabolism means that you will never be starving yourself again, and it is much harder for your body to plateau. You will be able to enjoy your favorite foods, and maybe even create new favorites!

Do you admire people with nicely toned muscles, and every time you see them, you think (even for a fleeting moment) that you would like to have muscles just like the ones you see on that person? Do you wonder what’s their routine, and could you possibly do it?

These Are Your Results with BodyPump® Classes:

Do you desire a more toned body with a more “cut” look? BodyPump® will get you there without building bulk. You need to be here!

  • Most people will get desirable results with two classes per week. Three to four classes per week are optimal
  • We don't recommend any more classes than four per week, as the muscles need sufficient time in between workouts to rest
  • It is vitally important, when lifting weights, to allow the muscles enough time to recuperate, rebuild and repair.

What does “boosting” metabolism mean, and why is it important? Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns energy to sustain itself (stay alive), while you are being absolutely still, e.g., the movement of your eyes, your lungs breathing, the slow growth of your hair and nails, blood flowing through your body, the energy your muscles need just to hold your head stable, etc., all require energy.

This is the basis of your metabolism, i.e., basal metabolic rate (the number of calories your body requires daily to sustain life processes).The higher this number is, the more calories you need to consume daily. This is determined in several ways. This number is your guide when figuring out what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and how much to work out. You want a “boost” in metabolism so that you are able to eat a bit more, feel good when eating, feel good after you have eaten, and feel energized during your workouts, while maintaining the same amount of body fat, or even losing body fat. A higher metabolism will help you to lose excessive body fat.


Why are dense bones so important? Brittle bones lead to easy breakage (state of osteoporosis). You don’t want “porous” bones. Your bones need to be dense for strength. Stronger bones are less prone to break. Hip fractures are common among the elderly population. These fractures often lead to other disabilities and illnesses. The most life-long benefit you will receive for your frame is to work on the density of your bones when you are in your 20's. If you are in this age group, don’t think you are safe without exercise. Anyone in their 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond, you absolutely cannot do without resistance training, if you wish to change the density of your bones. This type of workout is no longer an option—it is critical to your overall health and well- being.

In a BodyPump® class, you place a load on your muscles every time you lift the weights. Your joints (tendons and ligaments) need to work harder. The harder they work, the stronger they get. The stronger they get, the less prone you will be to injury, and you will have more balance and stability in your framework. You can physically accomplish so much more and do things you never thought you’d be able to do. You will also become more flexible.

A strong heart creates a powerful foundation for the rest of your body’s health. A strong heart allows you to do more with less exhaustion because it will pump blood more efficiently, and work less hard doing so. A strong heart powers up the rest of your body.

If you feel “low” or “down” on a daily basis, and this in a normal occurrence for you, making changes in your daily habits to include exercise will be extremely beneficial in changing your “emotional status” from “low” to “high.” The changes your body goes through with exercise helps to greatly reduce or even eliminate those negative feelings you can get from a stagnant body. The need to move is mandatory for human beings. Our bodies were not meant to be dormant all day long. We need physical activity that makes us breathe a little deeper and harder to get the blood pumping. Your quality of life will increase dramatically.

Nobody will be staring at you. Everyone else in the workout will be focusing on their own workout. Your focus is on you, and nobody cares how little or how much you lift, as each person will be focusing on him/herself.

FAQ's About BodyPump®:

  • As stated earlier, females do not have enough testosterone (a predominantly male hormone) in their bodies to allow the muscles to grow very large. You would need to take illegal substances to make your muscles grow large
  • You'd need to lift heavy weights with very low repetitions, e.g., for bicep curls, use a 25 lb bar with at least two 10 lb plates, or more, and do three or four sets of 8-12 repetitions
  • The BodyPump® bar weighs only 4 lbs and the lightest plates are 2.5 lbs each, with heaviest plates at 11 lbs each. BodyPump® uses light weights with high repetitions only
  • Lean and toned muscles can be yours!
  • Most people will get desirable results with two classes per week. Three to four classes per week are optimal
  • We don't recommend any more classes than four per week, as the muscles need sufficient time in between workouts to rest
  • It is vitally important, when lifting weights, to allow the muscles enough time to recuperate, rebuild and repair.
  • What could you possibly be waiting for that will get you in condition for this workout. Nothing will get you into condition for BodyPump® except the BodyPump® workout. Over 95% of the population can do this.
  • Your current condition is not an indicator of your ability to move weights. Just start out using very light weights until you are comfortable with the movements
  • Your body will tell you when it is time to up your weights
  • Nobody will be judging you
  • Absolutely. Although most men will grow muscle quicker than most women, many are looking for definition, tone and strength, and getting their bodies lean
  • For athletes (both female and male), BodyPump® will certainly give them an edge, depending on their chosen sport
  • Martial artists, golfers, skiers, cyclists, runners, marathoners, surfers, bowlers, climbers, dancers, etc. will all benefit their game with BodyPump® training
  • Many people who come to BodyPump® are non-athletes
  • Everyone benefits!
  • Although we feel families training together is an excellent idea, young people under 14 or 15 years of age need to wait, as the musculature is still developing
  • Introducing children to the idea of weight training for the future is a good idea, and having them sample it here and there, under the supervision of a qualified trainer, is OK
  • People wear whatever is comfortable for them. Just be sure to wear good, supportive athletic shoes with closed toes
  • Your favorite workout clothes will be fine
  • You can bring a towel and your own water, and you can refill for free (filtered water)
  • Weight-lifting gloves are optional
  • BodyPump® class, nobody is looking at them
  • Everyone is focusing on their own bodies and watching the instructor
  • To lessen your fears, schedule a Consultation here
  • Full BodyPump® classes are one hour in length
  • Also available is a 45-min format
  • Express classes are 30 mins in length

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