Jenna Giuliani

Encouraging people who need to make positive changes to their body and mind is what I love when teaching Yoga and Pilates. Getting healthy and learning to love their bodies inspires me to keep teaching.

The focus on the body while using the minds eye to see inside and out allows participants to make the movements more refined and trains them to create lasting changes to posture, muscle tone and overall health.

I love that they are developing their minds and can focus on the body to create good habits for normal daily activities, and even other athletic pursuits. I keep teaching yoga because it is a safe way to move the body and it is something most people can do through all stages of life.


Jenna is a caring and compassionate Yoga/Pilates Instructor, with 20 years of yoga practice, and 7 years of Pilates instruction. I love that she cares enough to see to it that each person in her class is getting the attention they need and deserve. Her gentle, caring touch assists her participants in making the connection to their bodies so that each exercise is making a difference in their health and in their fitness. She is welcoming to new participants, as well as seasoned practitioners.

~ Clara E Minor

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