Jillian Chesley

Jillian Chesley Zumba Instructor Santa CruzHuman connection and understanding is what motivates me asa Zumba instructor. With my background as an educator in software instruction and mental health, I am considered an expert (MA Degree) at understanding the importance of the balance between physical fitness and mental health.

My ability to engage my students in the moment, learning and enjoying simultaneously comes to me naturally. Having lived in multiple countries, I have an ability to connect with all cultures on a non-verbal level, and it is expressed in my classes. My enthusiasm for Zumba, and my belief that the mixture of fitness and dance is the best cardio exercise, makes every class an experience, leaving students wanting more.

“Jillian comes to us as a seasoned dancer. I love that her experience has given her the ability to make a real connection with her participants and allow them to join in the fun, and at the same time, leave them feeling successful. Her enthusiasm for teaching and watching her participants “get it” is what makes her classes so enjoyable for all levels. I love that she loves to dance!”

~ Clara E Minor

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