Robin Ludington Fitness Instructor in Santa Cruz

Robin Ludington Fitness Instructor in Santa Cruz has this to say:

"I am new to group fitness, becoming a certified BodyPump® instructor in 2013. After being inspired by the instructors at MINORSAN, I felt driven to become a more powerful motivator in making our community stronger and healthier.

My background is in Culinary Arts from the Art Institute of Seattle, and I use those skills each day to help families make healthy food choices. A good part of my experience is in Prenatal/Postpartum Nutrition and in working with food allergies.

When I’m not doing KickAerobix™, BodyPump®, or Tabata®, I can usually be found playing in the woods or at the beach with my two kids."

Robin came to us as a member first, and then became an instructor for BodyPump. What I really like about Robin is that she is a natural as a fitness instructor. She took to the BodyPump training like a duck to water! Her enthusiasm and a clarity in her teaching is refreshing. Exciting to have her as a Tabata Bootcamp Instructor too!

~ Clara E Minor

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