Samira Hartje

After participating in my first kickboxing I felt inspired, rejuvenated, and…sick to my stomach.  I was so moved by the member enthusiasm,  music, and instructor’s presence that I failed to pace myself.  I was pumped.  Soon after I became a  member, I enrolled in the Kick and Flex, fitness challenge, and added Body Pump to my classes.  My relationship to exercise and fitness was transformed.  I would tell my friends that I had never felt stronger and more capable.  I never anticipated that I would be repeating the same phrase for the next six years.

As a Body Pump Instructor, I am continually inspired by the members commitment, day after day, week after week. I am inspired when I see friends cheer each other on and families rally.  I am inspired when they work hard and request more.  I am inspired when they keep me on my toes, literally…and figuratively.

My enthusiasm and motivation to teach group fitness stems from my desire to share what I love.  I love feeling strong and capable.  I love 7am, workout done.  I love the mental and physical challenge of lots of push ups.  I love showing my children how to commit to exercise.  I love music that makes you move.  I love the familiar pull of lunges the next day.  I love the collective sigh, push, and power.  I love the team that comes together for a common goal.

“That that don’t kill me, only makes me stronger.  Harder, better, faster, STRONGER.”  ~ Kanye West & Daft Punk

“I love Samira’s teaching style. She is right in it with all her participants. She is motivating, and coaches them by pushing them beyond their limits, and the whole time she has a smile on her face! I like that she can get them to do just a bit more, right alongside her. I love to see her “pull them” closer to their limits. Samira is a natural “teacher” and BodyPump® allows her to shine!”

~ Clara E Minor

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