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THIS CLASS IS ON HOLD. Be on the lookout for it's return!

Are your days full? Don't wanna get up really early? Want to do something for YOU? Fitness seems to be what will work? Then our Strong30® class is for you. Yes, 30 minutes of HITT (high-intensity tempo training). No dancing...

Join the ever-growing movement of high-intensity workouts. High-Intensity is not going away. Research has proven this to be an optimal way to move your body for the fastest results.

The difference between Strong30® and other high-intensity workouts, is that this workout uses the TEMPO of the music to get your body into high gear. With OPTIONS, of course! That means anyone can do this in a safe manner. With the focus on you and your body’s energetics, everyone in the room will be focusing on their own body!

Strong30® is a High-Intensity-Tempo-Training—HITT workout.—NOT a dance fitness class.

And the music makes it so much fun! So if you love moving to music, then this workout is for you. If you love shorter workouts, then you owe it to YOU to check out if Strong30® is for you. There is NO dancing!

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Why would you choose this workout?

1 ~ It utilizes music for the music-lover in you
2 ~ You get different fitness levels of options that you can choose to do (which means you can do this at your own level, not the person’s next to you)
3 ~ You get the benefit of doing high-intensity, which long-standing research has shown to be the one type of workout that actually makes changes in your mitochondria! That is where your health truly changes.
4 ~ You are in a room with a supportive team of others doing the same thing
5 ~ You’ll be able to progress as you get stronger
6 ~ You’ll develop more #badasscourage
7 ~ Your Momma will be proud of you for doing something good for yourself


What can you expect from your first Strong30® workout?

1 ~ You will sweat (so if sweating bothers you, this is not the workout for you)
2 ~ You will be a bit sore in those muscles the next couple of days
(normal for any new workout anyone does)
3 ~ You will feel your ‘happy’ as you walk out the door
4 ~ You will know your #badasscourage is developing
5 ~ You will be able to say “i did it!’
6 ~ Your life will begin to change in awesome ways!
7 ~ Your body will feel soooo awesome!

Benefits of Strong30®

Build endurance & stamina

  • Why would endurance and stamina help you? You gain the ability to be more active. With more activity in your daily life, you can lose excess body fat, increase the health of your heart, have more fun, do more things, and feel so good! Your health is not something to take lightly. Wouldn't it feel good to climb stairs without getting winded?
  • Endurance is the ability of the muscles to continue weight-bearing movement for extended periods of time
  • Stamina is the ability of the heart to keep up with your workout intensity 

Why Would You Want This?

  • Endurance and stamina in your muscles will give you toned and sculpted muscles. They will also make your muscles stronger. You will be able to do so much more physical activity all day long. If you like to have fun just doing physical stuff, like shopping (requires lots of walking, carrying of loads, moving your body in differing positions to try on clothes, reaching up for stuff on shelves, etc), or going for a simple, beautiful walk down West Cliff, and not getting winded every time you do something—then getting fit is for you.
  • If you have to climb stairs daily, if you like to play with your kids, if you love doing things outdoors including gardening, if you have to walk a distance to your work or your car, you’d love to go out dancing, or if you just like to shop for extended periods of time, then having good endurance in your muscles and strong stamina will make all these activities so much easier and fun to do.
  • By working in an aerobic capacity, you will be strengthening your heart. You will make your blood flow to your brain, and your body will be removing toxins through sweat, and other functions of detoxification. (Staying properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water will also help to detoxify your body for increased health.)
  • Having strong stamina and endurance will get you through each day with much more energy, and you’ll gradually be able to intensify your workouts for faster results

Elevate heart rate/lung capacity

  • Elevating heart rate during aerobic activity will increase the strength of your heart. After all, it is a muscle! It needs working out too. This means you will have more energy throughout your day, whether your workouts are in the morning or evening.
  • As you are able to breath in more air (lung capacity increases), you will be able to add more intensity to your workouts. More intensity means more calorie burn.
  • If weight loss is one of your goals, you want to be able to increase your intensity as you continue with your workouts. Over time, you will be burning many more calories
  • A strong healthy heart makes you feel energized! Don’t we all want to have the energy we had as young kids? Children move their bodies all the time. You too can regain some of that energy. Moving your body more intensely, and regularly, will begin the process of energizing

Burning calories isn't all there is...

  • Burning calories is the 'old school' way of thinking about how hard your body is working (which would mean 'weight loss' for many people). The number of calories you burn in one workout will only apply to how intensely you are working out in that moment. Once your body cools down, you stop 'burning' calories. These are known as 'cardio' workouts. They are not 'bad' workouts. They do work your heart at an elevated level.

    The problem is the heart gets used to this. Then changes stop happening. Studies have shown that too much cardio is not good for the long term.

    With high intensity work, your body continues to burn energy throughout the next 24 hours (maybe even up to 36 hours, depending on how intensely your muscles worked). That means greater weight loss and stronger muscles!

  • If your concern is losing body fat, then you will want your body to move in ways that will optimize how you burn fat. Age, metabolism, hormonal changes, and body-familiarity will all make a difference in how your body burns energy.

  • Elevated heart rate workouts are called 'cardio.' Feeling your muscles burn with short bursts of energy are called high-intensity. There is more to it, but this is it in a nutshell. Definitely look towards high-intensity workouts if one of your goals is fat loss.


Do you want to lose excess body fat for your health? Or maybe you have high cholesterol and you need to get it down…or your heart could use some pumping up? Why wait for it to get worse? Why be out of condition when it can be so much fun to be in condition!

If excess body fat has been keeping you down, or your hearts condition won’t let you even jog one block, you need to do something now.Your life isn’t waiting for you. It just continues on, every single day. You are either getting healthier, or you are not—no other options.

If losing a few pounds would make you feel better, how would you feel if you also toned your muscles and through your fat loss, you could actually see the shape of your muscles? And what if, at the same time, you actually had to buy new clothes? How exciting would that be!

Your changes can start now. You can begin this workout today, and begin making the changes you know you have to make, plus make other changes that you will absolutely love (like more energy, better skin tone, etc.).
If this strikes a chord in you, then make no excuses…do it now.

When you are able to get through your day with more energy, joy and contentment will return to your life. When toxins are released from your body through these workouts, you automatically get a cleaner, clearer body. Yes, your mind begins to clear up too.

You have more energy for the rest of your day. People are amazed at how using energy to move your body actually produces more energy. It is true.

Any workout will increase your endorphins during the workout, as well as continuing long after you’re done, so that your thoughts are much more positive all day long. The level of happiness and contentment in your life rises dramatically when you have energy. Just look at kids play. They are almost always running.

Advocating for what makes you feel good is always preferable when looking for a workout routine. So if you feel unhealthy, you can do something about it now. If you look up current statistics on our overweight population and the number of diseases and illnesses that being overweight can develop, it might shock you. Loving your body is healthy. Being healthy is loving your body.

We all know that we need body fat. Some body fat is healthy. Excess body fat can lead to disease in the body. You can lose this excess, and at the same time be having such a great time that you don’t even notice, until you try on something you haven’t worn in a long time…how about them baggy pants now!

Who doesn’t want to feel emotionally and mentally strong and powerful? This is confidence. You do what you really want to do with the belief in yourself and your abilities. You have no doubt that you can accomplish whatever you are seeking. You now have the ability to speak up!

Yes, just by feeling better in your body and feeling better about your body, you will be unstoppable!

If you just want to immerse yourself in feeling good for the rest of the day, one 30-minute workout can do it. Reducing stress, as we all know, is key to being healthy. Moving our bodies, and then resting our bodies is the best equation! 

No need to spend hours and hours in a gym. A fitness class with an instructor/coach who motivates and inspires works for most people. Our Team of Instructors focus on you.

Your presence is appreciated and respected. Any level of fitness from 0 to 10, any body type or shape, and any age (over 14 for this class), is accepted. We want you to have fun. And we understand that sometimes feeling comfortable is the first thing you truly need to feel, in order to have fun.

The Tannery is a professional facility, which happens to be beautiful, full of light, and is a wonderful space in which to move your body for Group Fitness classes. The floors are 'floating' which means they are great for your knees' health.

You will also receive 100% unconditional acceptance at MINORSAN. We are a judgment-free zone. And that’s what our members love about MINORSAN. You can do your own thing, and nobody cares. Everyone is in class to achieve her/his own goals!

Are You Ready To Check It Out?