2-Week Fitness Intro Package ~ Only $29

Get a 1-on-1 Personal Session & Unlimited Live Online Classes during your 2-week Intro Program.

Click the Register Here link to get started. We'll contact you within 24 hours Monday thru Saturday.

A huge part of staying healthy is being fit. You can do it with a group of like-minded individuals who have the same goals as you—getting fit, feeling better, and staying healthy. A great workout is about the right energy, and feeling successful. Our Instructor-Coaches put your success first.

Our Community welcomes you to experience an exhilarating workout, and feel included, in an environment of support and accountability.

From Kickboxing to BodyPump, to HIIT workouts, we have classes that will make you feel empowered and strong. For a mind-body focus, check out our Yoga classes with Connie.

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Clara is so motivating and fun to take Body Pump from.   She is willing to struggle along with the rest of us to get the work out done and yet have fun and make me smile!  I always feel proud of everyone present for challenging themselves.


Minorsan is 100% female-owned! And we think that is Super-Cool...but the best part?


Your fitness ability and level is irrelevant. It doesn't matter how 'fit' or 'un-fit' you feel. You have to start somewhere. Start today and feel better immediately. We'll help you find your best form, and then you'll be ready to ramp it up at your own pace.

You can absolutely develop your body~

  • to whatever skill level you desire
  • if you just want to feel good
  • whether you're learning to move to music for the first time
  • learning powerful physical strategies for self-protection and safety
  • to amp up your current regimen with some cool fighting skills
  • if you're looking for a group of like-minded individuals...

You can do it all in a truly fun environment.

Everyone is provided with options to any movement, so if something seems daunting to you, you can still do it! Remember, you learned to run—by first crawling.

Respect and safety for everyone are the highest priorities at MINORSAN. And we welcome all populations. That means YOU.

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Kick Aerobix is a fast paced vigorous workout that leaves you sweaty and feeling fantastic. Robin is an excellent motivator and keeps the class moving along through different exercise combos. Prepare to be sore the next day! I will take this class again.