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2 Week Adult Fitness Intro Program ~ Only $29


Getting fit doesn't have to be intimidating or boring. A great workout is about the right energy. At Minorsan we have both covered (not to mention amazing Instructors and a great community!).

From Kickboxing to BodyPump, we have classes that will make you feel empowered and excited to come to class. Or if you are looking for Yoga that will give you both strength and the mind-body connection, you can sample all of these options during your 2-week Intro Program. Just click the button below to get started.

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"Clara is so motivating and fun to take BodyPump from.  She is willing to struggle along with the rest of us to get the workout done and yet have fun and make me smile!  I always feel proud of everyone present for challenging themselves."  --- Leslie C.


Everybody has the ability to work and develop her/his body to whatever skill level they desire, be it learning to move to music for the first time, or learning powerful physical strategies for self-protection and safety. Each person is provided with options to any movement, according to their particular body structure and each person’s particular needs and current level of skill. Respect and safety for everyone are the highest priorities at MINORSAN. All participants are treated equally, and are expected to treat everyone else the same.


"Kick Aerobics is a fast paced vigorous workout that leaves you sweaty and feeling fantastic.  Robin is an excellent motivator and keep the class moving along through different exercise combos.  Prepare to be sore the next day!  I will take this class again."  --- Emily S.