Connie Kreemer

Connie Kreemer Yoga Instructor is a local yoga teacher of many decades now, and she continues to find it totally rewarding in every aspect. She loves teaching Yoga because students learn to integrate mind, body, and spirit.

Students’ bodies become stronger, better aligned, more flexible, and their balance is improved, thereby giving them a sense of accomplishment. The breathing techniques energize not just the lungs, but also every cell in the body. When the mind is focused in the present, life ends up feeling better in every aspect.

Her classes are a fantastic experience for members because of her love in helping students learn. The integration of mind, body, and breath, while improving asanas (postures) is critical to unifying and connecting these aspects in each person.

Life can be so stressful so it’s a joy to help students learn techniques to reduce stress and feel better. Helping students simultaneously makes Connie Kreemer feel better too!

“Connie Kreemer Yoga Instructor is a long-time yoga instructor in the Santa Cruz area. I appreciate her knowledge, her love of yoga, her willingness to make the workout doable for all participants, her warm energy, and her enthusiasm for every class.

She truly wants to help others enjoy the benefits of yoga. I really like that Connie still loves to teach after all these years. As a long-time Santa Cruz resident, I’m fortunate that she has chosen to teach Yoga at MINORSAN. She brings such a professionalism to her classes. I love her whole family!”

~ Clara E Minor

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