Sheri Moise

I am a teacher at heart and I have always loved group exercise – although I never thought I would teach exercise classes. I’m grateful that I said YES to the opportunity. I enjoy the energy of the group and seeing people push themselves. It motivates me to push myself! Exercise is as much for the mind as the body. It is what keeps me at my best.

As a coach and mentor in my own business I am supporting and guiding others in “Creating a life they love and loving the life they live”. So being a BodyPump instructor for me is a great compliment as I can help students create strength and fitness which will add joy and energy to their lives!

“I love Samira’s teaching style. She is right in it with all her participants. She is motivating, and coaches them by pushing them beyond their limits, and the whole time she has a smile on her face! I like that she can get them to do just a bit more, right alongside her. I love to see her “pull them” closer to their limits. Samira is a natural “teacher” and BodyPump® allows her to shine!”

~ Clara E Minor

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