Tori Lubahn

"Hi everyone! My name is Tori and I’m working as a Body Pump instructor at Minorsan! I’ve been doing various martial arts for years and have taught martial arts classes in the past, so I originally started at Minorsan for the self defence classes. I went on to expand to each of the other hype, cardio centered classes and have enjoyed each one. Since joining this Studio, I’ve absolutely loved the atmosphere and vibes of both the people and the workout classes. Being a fitness instructor at a place that cultivates such a positive workout environment is so special and I’m so happy to be a part of this lovely community."

"Tori came to my Studio originally to study in my FighterFit program. Without notice or any prompting on my part, one day I got stuck in such heavy traffic (moved 3 miles in two hours—which normally took 4 minutes) that I was going to completely miss class. I texted her and told her to let the others know, and if they wanted to workout, grab someone's phone who had a playlist of any kind on there, and hit the bags to that! When I finally got there, Tori had used her own phone (no mic and no speakers), as she had an old playlist on hers, and HAD TAUGHT CLASS! This was with no training whatsoever. She just did the best she could. I was completely and thoroughly impressed that someone would move right thru any anxiety and 'not-knowing' and just do the best she could. I soon thereafter hit her up to start teaching for me. (And everyone in class was super-happy!)."


~ Clara E Minor

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