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Tabata HIIT Classes

This workout will on the lookout on our Schedule page. Feel good in your body and feel great about your body—with Tabata Fitness Classes in Santa Cruz—in only 30 minutes!

You'll get 30 minutes of HIIT training (with breaks of course!), which results in a short and effective workout

Why do 30-minute classes work?

There is a concept called Microburst Training Protocol, which is achieved through a manner of working out called HIIT: high-intensity interval training.

Your body works at a high level for short bursts of time, therefore the muscles feel a 'burn' until the timer stops. Each segment is seconds at a time: 20, 30, 40, 60, etc.

With this type of training, you, in essence, boost your caloric burn after you are done exercising, and this makes your body keep burning more calories long after the exercise is over (for at least 24 hours).

It's how to build a stronger metabolism (which means you burn more energy, and if you're looking for weight loss, this is a great option).

Classes of 30 minutes duration have proven to be successful with this type of training. You will feel and see the difference in a few short weeks!

tabata bootcamp fitness santa cruz

Benefits of Tabata HIIT Classes

  • Class time limited to 30 minutes
  • Just 3 classes per week can make a difference
  • Get into great physical condition
  • You will continue to burn calories for at least 24 hours after your workouts
  • Lose inches from your body and get into smaller clothes sizes
  • You'll form new relationships with class buddies, as you work out together and support each other to get through your workouts
  • You will gain so much more energy daily
  • You get personalized attention and specific modifications if you need them
  • We can provide dietary recommendations
  • Success can happen in 6 - 8 weeks, depending on what your goals may be
  • Get into incredible condition by changing your metabolism
  • Your body will become a new fuel-burning machine, and feel incredible!

Keep in mind, everyone in the workout can be at a different level. Most start out at a lower intensity (very important for your safety), and work up from there.

If you are looking to reduce your levels of body fat, or you are short on time, or you just want more energy (get rid of the 'sluggish' feeling), and you want to feel awesomely fit, we recommend you sign up for your First Class, using the GET STARTED HERE link.

Discover how you can change the way your body works

Be able to 'play' again and have fun with all your new energy

Change how you feel about your body with strength you haven't felt in a long time

Lose unwanted inches and pounds

Learn how to get the best results so you feel good in your body and great about your body

Developed for all levels, and all body types

Change what you are doing now, with a program that has years of research behind it

Find your solution to fitness, health and weight loss in our Tabata Bootcamp Classes


Tabata HIIT Classes are high-intensity 30-minute classes held several times per week at Minorsan.

Tabata Bootcamp, created by Mindy and Bruce Mylrea, took 8 years of research and development to create. They wanted a program that would benefit the most people (fit and unfit), and would also give people lasting change in health and weight loss. Something was missing from 'the norm.'

After many years of research, they discovered it was behavioral change. There are numerous diets and exercise regimens out there, but none (at the time) dealt with the behavioral changes necessary to make lasting change into permanent change. They realized people needed to be educated, and they needed support to make behavioral changes necessary to have lasting results.

Thus they were guided into what today is known as Tabata Bootcamp.™ Classes are held all over the world, utilizing this format. We provide the coaching, you provide the determination, desire, persistence, and patience.

Tabata can help you achieve phenomenal results with these high-intensity, short duration classes.

Small group training has shown to have greater benefits, as you are not “on your own” through the workout. Your Tabata Coach is there for you, encouraging you and inspiring you to move your body through the workout, correcting your form, and encouraging you to go a bit further. And your classmates are also there with you, doing the same thing you are doing. Everyone works together to get through this shorter, 30-minute class. Group support is a great motivator!

When people want to lose unhealthy levels of excess fat, the focus is usually on the number of calories burned during a workout. We've heard the term "cardio"....gotta do some "cardio." This is great, and it gives you something to work toward (keep your body moving). However, once you stop, within 15 minutes of cooling down, your body stops burning excess calories.

With high-intensity workouts such as Tabata, the focus is on what happens after exercise is over. When your body continues to burn energy for another 24 hours, you are boosting your metabolism!

This happens because of the way we move through the 30-minute workouts. The “after burn” is what happens with weight training when the muscles are taken to fatigue. The difference is that there is very little equipment used in Tabata workouts, and you only move for 30 minutes instead of 50 or 60.

You Tabata workouts focus on your upper body, your core, and lower body, for results that will amaze you. You’ll be getting cardio, strength, and power, and then you’ll repeat.

With small group training, you know that everyone on your team is 'on your side' (unlike traditional workouts where everyone in the class is on their own, and when it's over, most people just leave). Remember this type of workout has years and years of research behind it.

With Tabata Bootcamp Classes, you get inspiration from your Class Coach, and this, in turn, helps you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

With the small group protocol, real benefits and amazing success can be yours, as a coach has the ability to laser in on your form, your safety, and give you the attention you need to be successful.

The best part about our Tabata classes is that your coach will give you options and choices so that you can move comfortably at your own level. Even if you are a beginner exerciser, or you haven't worked out in a long time, Tabata Bootcamp Classes are a great place to start and are doable for all levels.

Remember we talked about the Microburst Training Protocol up above. If it sounds intimidating...feat not. You are not required to do anything your body is not ready to do!

Seriously, even though this is high-intensity interval training, everyone starts at their own level and begins the journey to a more fit body. You will be lower-intensity until your body is ready. You (and we) cannot expect your body to do what it is not ready to do. Your body will tell you when it is ready to do more.

This is one of the best parts about our Tabata Classes and the approach we take with everyone. We give you options and choices so that you can move comfortably at your own level. Even if you are a beginner exerciser, or you haven't worked out in a long time, these Tabata Bootcamp will work for you too.

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